That’s a sky…. It was definitely a stand and look up sky……

So the school at home week closes. That was a struggle. The worry is that Hawklad feels jaded already, his Dad isn’t far behind. That’s after week ONE…

A week in which only fragments of the school teaching programme has found its way here.

So we have two subjects teachers that have started having direct contact with Hawklad. One just to say sorry that Hawklad had been forgotten about and they will try to better soon. The other subject actually provided all the class questions looked at. The other subjects have been largely silent leaving on what is expected of him leaving this up to the Dream Team to figure out what to do. So with a bit more WORK for me to do this week coinciding with sadly even less sleep – YEP it’s been a struggle.

Hawklad’s anxieties have definitely increased since school returned. Yes he’s at home but it’s still impacting on him. He’s been struggling even more when he’s been outside as well. The thing that school don’t seem to understand is that this is not just about COVID. There are so many interconnected themes playing out here. So yes the news that Hawklad’s age group will soon receive one dose of a vaccine is welcome but not the answer. It will reduce the COVID risk but definitely NOT eliminate it. Double vaccinated people are still being impacted by the virus. He knows that.

So we soldier on. Let’s see what happens at this coming weeks counselling session. We make the best of school until things change. I definitely need to re-find my mojo.

42 thoughts on “Sky

  1. Can your lost mojo be with all the pens and small change, slipped down the back of the settee perhaps? Just as long as someone (yes we can look at the mad dog) hasn’t hidden it with the socks in the garden.

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  2. I am very sorry that it continues to be a challenge for you and Hawklad. I’m glad the school staff at least acknowledge they could’ve done better. I hope you get some sleep this weekend!!!

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  3. Those clouds look like Tunnocks tea cakes to me 😆
    Willow was pretty burnt out after her week of school yesterday too, I took her to get her glasses adjusted and she practically fell asleep in the chair. I think it’s from having to concentrate every day after the long summer break.
    Glad to hear at least a couple of the teachers have made contact. Hope the rest will follow suit (or that you get some proper support) x

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  4. At least that one teacher admitted they dropped the ball. Clearly they do not understand the depth of your lad’s problems, but you must cling to hope. You will come through…keep posting sky pictures. They are great. I looked at the moon last night and thought how many millions of years it has been shining down on us. I don’t know why but it makes me feel better.


  5. At least there is a positive. Two of them in fact. Both teachers are obviously aware of Hawklad’s inability to come into the school and having done so are prepared to go a little further than they need to. Granted it would be a bonus if they were to figure out the other lessons but this is a big step. Hawklad I wish I could give you a giant hug. A bear hug. I know you do not like touching but I wish I could. And btw where is the sharp wit? I have been waiting for a gotcha dad tale! Hugs to both of you. 🙂


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