My Dad always told me that you should always leave fallen fruit on the ground as that is what happens and it’s what’s best for nature. The only exception would be if the fruit landed on a cricket pitch. The pesky fruit should be immediately removed and the precious pitch should be immediately hoovered and ironed. Clearly cricket comes before nature. This is Yorkshire….

As our garden is nothing like an immaculately cut cricket strip then fruit is left on the ground. Clearly this is what’s best.

This weeks feels like an ‘enjoy the garden’ type of week.

It feels like another self imposed lockdown here in our little part of the world. Reports of petrol stations in the area out of fuel or when they do get a deliver, huge queues immediately forming. Tanker drivers are reporting being followed by cars waiting for them to deliver somewhere. I thought this was supposed to be a proud country seizing back control rather than a madhouse careering out of control from crisis to crisis.

Anyway we don’t need to go anywhere. Hawklad and I can both work from home. We can ration our trips out. We can put on hold the trips we had in mind to aid Hawklad’s bridge building process. A food delivery can be arranged. Let’s leave what fuel has made it to the pumps to those who really need it the most.

Hardly any traffic on our road today. Strange that…. Good day for the police to turn up to do speed checks. I think we clocked up about 4mph as we walked past the bored officer. 30 minutes later he had given up any pretence of working and was reading what appeared to be a magazine about Fishing.

Everyone from work is working from home. Many don’t have enough fuel to get to where they are supposed to get to. Accept one brave person who was going to bike to work – not so brave in reality, it materialises that he had in fact sold his only bike 10 years ago.

We we’re due a home service visit but that’s been cancelled as the van had ran out of fuel. Quite apt as the service was on our home fuel tank.

Maybe the lack of fuel explains the silence from school. Absolutely no work. No emails. Nothing. Could school have run out of petrol as well.

It’s a mad old world.

47 thoughts on “Fuel

      1. I see! Our government is tightening up regulations for semi-truck drivers here since a horrific accident between a semi and a bus full of young hockey players. I don’t know how much it has impacted our supply chains as of yet but, if or when it does, people here will panic and start hoarding for sure.


  1. We had a similar problem for a week here earlier this year when one of our pipelines was hacked. The press gets people nervous. Panic buying and hoarding does such a disservice to everyone. I hope things smooth out sooner rather than later.

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  2. “I think we clocked up about 4mph as we walked past the bored officer.” This made me laugh out loud.

    I’m sorry the schools continue to be lackluster in their communications with you. But glad you two get to go out and make the most of the situation.

    Out of petrol indeed, in more ways than one!

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      1. Have you read about the container ship backups we have? We have an enormous backup in L.A. & Long Beach, CA. Wanna guess why? CA’s off the charts covid policies. Charleston, SC, doesn’t have that problem. CA is getting close to acting like Australia. NY ain’t far behind. They’ve got a nurse/doctor exodus and a lawsuit/teacher exodus over jab mandates. BLM is starting to riot in NYC over jab passports. Our gas shortages finally stopped but, then, the prices just went up. Dumb ass Biden (or his handler, Odammit) stopped the Keystone, only to turn around and beg OPEC for more output. Brilliant move. They refused.

        Don’t even get me started on our southern border.

        What does the UK do to stop European truckers from working there?


    1. and yet if we hold our own, get to know and owning our potentials as individuals, we surely can weather storms much kinder. Wash off the hatred of enemies, and the anger of theft from the rich, so surely we can weather storms much kinder.

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  3. Everything in bonkers. And frustrating, and unhelpful. I feel for you both. Schools and other institutions often lose sight of individuals in their striving for standardisation as can be seen by the way computers are often left to generate school reports and grades. It’s a sad and dehumanising situation.


  4. i certainly hope we do not have any sustained fuel shortage here – i’ve noted that the U.S. usually follows UK trends shortly there after…of course this was mostly the case when Orange was in office so we shall see. We had a brief panic as one blogger notes above from a “hacked pipeline” and of course there are regional shortages when natural disasters occur but so far nothing long term or nationwide- fingers crossed. ( P.s. sometimes i think it’s all BS anyway- just another way the powers that be use mind control tactics- but since i have no proof, i’ll leave that to the conspiracy theorists)


    1. Hopefully you won’t this time. It’s self inflicted. We are the only European country with these issues. We told European truck drivers to sod off and then we suddenly didn’t have enough drivers. Government buries head in sand and blames problems on covid and others. A few people panic and suddenly panic buying happens.


  5. When I was young we had a gasoline shortage (or so they said). We were allowed to get gas on the days that matched our license plate – odd or even. We used to have to sit in line to get gas. That was odd. So many things are odd in the world these days.

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