It was time to go through the wardrobe. Summer out, Winter in. These days Autumn and Spring just count as an unwanted extension to Winter. In come the jumpers, out goes the T-shirts.

With Hawklad it’s straight forward, all his summer clothes can go to the charity shop. They won’t fit him next year. Then to the shop and buy this years winter clothes as last years don’t fit him…… Expensive but straightforward. He is taller than me so I suppose I could have his cast offs as ‘hand me downs’ but

….. I’m not cool enough to wear his clothes.

….. He’s long and thin, I’m NOT….. Imagine The Hulk busting out of his stuff.

My wardrobe is not so straightforward. I wear last years clothes (and the year before that , and the year before that). The record is a purple climbing waterproof jacket which is over 30 years old…. The complications are fourfold with this approach.

One….. having to find somewhere to put the summer stuff so it doesn’t become cat bedding.

Two…. does it still fit. Reassuringly it did. Hang on, is that a good thing. Does that not just confirm that I’m the same wrong shape I was last year. That’s out of shape……😂😂😂😂😂

Three….. has it become that worn with age that unfortunate passerby’s can see through my clothes. I wouldn’t wish that horror on anyone, even Bono.

Four….. stress testing. Can the year older clothes still withstand the immense pressures my body puts stitches under these days. I would hate to be the cause of an international incident.

You notice fashion is not a factor. When you look like me then you can safely wait for my clothes to come back into fashion one year. I still have hopes for my pink leg warmers…….

71 thoughts on “Fashion

  1. Apart from a short time in the late 1960s when I attempted to use fashion as a means to fit in (it didn’t work) I’ve always chosen clothing on the basis of how comfortable it is. Occasionally the wife buys me something that she deems “more appropriate”, but such garments usually end up being given away a decade or two later in an “as new” condition. You would think that after 50 years she would have learnt what my requirements are, but I’ve decided that’s wishful thinking.

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  2. Shorts and tops 9 months of the year for me. Leggings and a jacket Jan – March. With a/c on everywhere a thin cardigan just in case. You would fit in great here as there is no dress code whatsoever 😊


    1. I have to do it, I really have to say “I double dare you BABASP, go on wear those pink leggings visible on your next Captain walkies, oh and take a photo of them in situ for us.” Oh blinkin’ eck, does anyone hear my naughty {{{cackling}}} 😀 it was quiet, but a bit scary.

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  3. Our weather is quite similar to yours and I left fashion years ago. Going through jeans to wear this fall and winter, I was pleasantly surprised to find fitting into a size smaller than last winter. Hang onto those pink leg warmers – 80’s fashions are coming in again!

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  4. Same here, time to clean out the summer and let the warm stuff slowly get in. Just don’t feel like doing it! Feels too permanent ending for the summer. I’ve decided not to buy anything new until all of the “corona kilos” are gone 😉 Interesting to see if I can keep that promise (or loose the weight).

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  5. Have stayed roughly the same size and shape for ages, so loads of clothes still stand me in good stead. I always wear combat trousers to work, for the pockets mostly and wearability, with bland tops and T shirts. Days off it’s anyone’s guess, as I’ve a plethora of stuff that I’ve mostly been given, then play with to make them my own using scissors, sewing and good ol’ Dylon. Same with costumes, but that I get very creative with those and a lot more colourful, as we try to leave sparkle 🎆🎆 wherever we dance. Some haven’t 💃 realised it was me, until i’ve sez summa’ ‘n then uz games up!

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  6. I have a closet full of ancient clothes that are in way better shape than me because I spent my life in uniform so my out-of-work clothes didn’t get worn much. And now I live in scruffies. Nobody sees me, so who cares? You should lash out and buy yourself one or two new things, just to be updated.

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  7. I have tee shirts that are over 25 years old, and my dad’s cardy which was knitted for him in 1975.
    I like to be comfortable and most of the clothes I have now are a few years old but still fit….. some are even baggy!! Clothes sizing is meaningless so iIstick with men’s joggers and tees.

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  8. I have a shirt I wore when I was pregnant with Daughter… she’s almost 33, so 34 year old shirt😂😂

    I have shorts for summer, and leggings or sweats for winter. Tops are tanks, tees, long sleeve tees and hoodie…. during autumn and sometimes spring, I layer all the tops, and add or subtract as the temperature changes. The big change is shoes… flip flops, to uggs, and the uggs only come out when it’s cold cold… I prefer no shoes, but rules is rules in public… masks & shoes🤷🏼‍♀️😂😂😂

    I triple quadruple dare you on the pink leg warmers😉


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  9. LOL! You know, I still have a lot of clothes from the 80s. Only a few years ago I had to throw away trousers that I bought when I was 15. And I was proud that I still fit in while already in my forties then… lol. So, be proud you can still wear those “classics”… hehe.

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    1. One of the last things Mother knitted for me is a pair of detailed, but odd leg warmers, 🩰 that now need a bit of TLC to do another winter. I might dig them out and share what they look like, as they are unique indeed and worth sharing the beauty of them.

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  10. I’m the same as Paula as living in California doesn’t really require “winter” and “summer” clothes to be separate. There are clothes and jackets (both light and “heavy”). I cannot actually remember the last time I wore a jacket.

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      1. Now that is wisdom and environmentally sound, unlike spoilt folk who just turn up the central heating and blanket the ruddy planet! 🧣 🌏


      2. Ahhh. I am still stripped down to whatever I can manage. Although today might be a bit cooler than it has been. We don’t get that cold here. I like wearing cozy sweaters – even indoors, I don’t mind.


  11. The fact that you can still wear clothes from many years ago is testament to the fact that you chose those pieces well. As for the pink legwarmers, fabulous, and legwarmers are great if you need to wear wellies in winter or long boots – so always useful.✨

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    1. I’ve done a bit o’ that, by cutting a T shirt horizontally ✂️ then adding another T shirt’s chest/stomach part to make the original longer. As for some gone past their best 👕 they make very quick shopping bags without having to sew at all, but scissor work and tying knots. I’m sure I can find a link to where someone explains (goes off to YouTube to rummage) and here is one:

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