Red sky at night….

What kinda day will it herald in tomorrow.

Hopefully a better school at home day. Today has not been great but reflective of how things are going this term,

Lesson 1 – PE. Zero communication. Last year tasks were set for those at home. Garden challenges. Fitness videos to try out. Drills to improve sporting skills. It worked. Unfortunately nothing so far this term. So today’s PE lesson was taking the dog for a walk , then eating breakfast…..

Lesson 2 – History. Revision videos to watch, all focusing on the crimes of Jack the Ripper and forensic science. Hawklad’s anxiety levels rising.

Lesson 3 – Science. Exam questions on Disease, Heart Defects and Serious Illness. Hawklad unable to complete lesson due to anxiety levels spiking.

Lesson 4 – IT. Nothing. He ended up wading through the mountains of homework set in Religious Education.

Hopefully tomorrow is a better school day.


39 thoughts on “Sky

  1. This sounds dreadful! What year is he in? My daughter is in year 8 and her history homework yesterday was to ask a family member about migration into, out of, or around the UK within the family history. I thought this was brilliant as she gets to learn a bit about her family too.

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  2. They really are just seeming to care with those stranded at home, very frustrating! And I agree with you that history class needs to move on from Jack the Ripper!


  3. Religious studies?????? WTF? I am sorry now I am beyond the polite stage with the stupid school system over them. I am just appalled which you know but if I was a cartoon there would be steam coming out of my ears my face a brilliant scarlet with flames shooting from my eyes and mouth as I roared. I am so sorry I wish that there was something that I could do to help. Hugs to you and Hawklad. 🙂

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