Today it is wet. Very wet. Zero views. So let’s remind ourselves of what a blue sky can look like….

Two hours later it was raining. And it hasn’t stopped.

Every single day ANXIETY is debilitating for Hawklad. We try to make progress and yes progress is being made in some areas. But we can’t ignore that in other areas his anxieties are getting worse. The ultimate aim we have labelled as rebuilding bridges. To be brutally honest we haven’t even established the foundations yet. Those bridges aren’t appearing any time soon.

So we try to manage daily life. Try to manage the school at home project. Learning has to be made supportive and enjoyable. Hawklad loves History. Sadly he doesn’t love School History. Normally I can ask him any historical question and his face lights up. Why can’t school do this. It’s all in the question. Here’s a question from the test he had to sit today.

The answer was a half of a preserved human kidney. The other half apparently had been fried up and eaten. It kinda sums up the last 3 months of teaching.

There is a thought I can’t get out of my head.

Is school ever going to be compatible with Hawklad’s well-being.

44 thoughts on “Anxiety

  1. No, they do not realize how difficult it is for the child/17 year old with disabilities, and their 24/7 caregiver. I did FaceTime with my daughter today because Isobelle’s t/a that is paid to be with her, has been at college helping others in other classrooms, and not been with her all week. She burned her hand with a glue gun, and it states that she is unable to do anything on her own. So pissed off

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    1. In our area all the schools are the same. Any funding given to a child with need basically buys a place at the secondary school. It goes in the general school pot. It apparently helps pay for general teaching assistants. But those TAs cover the whole class. The child in need is expected to put his or her hand up and ask for help. Never going to happen…..
      I so understand why you are so pissed off.

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  2. I am part out of my chair, holding my arm with the other hand, to make my waving hand as visible as possible and wanting to answer the question so much with:
    “NO!” ~ “NO!” ~ “NNOOOOOooooooOOooooo!” ~

    Mainstream school is never going to be compatible with your beautiful, intelligent son and they will never try to cater to his well-being needs or the needs of children. Mainstream school is hell bent on targets set by idiots in government, so the school can create drones as factory and cannon fodder.”


  3. Sounds to me like the creators of the course are subconsciously promoting cannabalism for the masses. You know all those cemeteries where you think bodies are buried? Think again!
    Soylent Green becoming reality.

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      1. I asked my daughter about the theme in your post as she is in the same year’s history syllabus. Perhaps each has a different exam board but in any case my daughter has not covered the bizarre stuff Hawklad seems to have been learning. She was as gobsmacked as I was when I read your post!


  4. Such challenging and difficult times we are living through, and for Hawklad, doubly crippling. I wonder at the question you posted here, what kind of history question is that? Makes zero sense to me but maybe my age is telling on me. It used to be a history question queried a particular date or leader for example. I hope you can find a way to rephrase that so it makes sense to Hawklad – it would be beyond my abilities to do so. LOL

    I am so sorry that the bridges needed are still under construction, so to speak. Sending loving hugs and my sincere best wishes to you both.


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