Autumn colours….

According to the Head of the UK Health Security Agency ‘children are less at risk from Covid’ and masks in schools are ‘not a priority‘. Crossing the road is just as risky for children then Covid.

So while the 12-15 year old vaccination programme has stalled in most areas. While schools are still waiting for additional air quality monitors. And while masks and social distancing in schools have been suspended. Here is the reality. Since the outbreak, COVID in the UK has resulted in

91 children deaths

570 teachers deaths

9000 children have been hospitalised

53000 cases of long Covid in children

One in 15 secondary school pupils being currently infected

On average 50 children are being admitted to hospital every day.

So I have a few questions for our Head of the UK Health Security Agency. The same Head who thought it was perfectly safe for people to attend large public events last year, the same Head who thought tracing infections wasn’t a priority, the same Head who said people were not being Adult when they complained that health workers couldn’t get hold of PPE protection, the same Head who described the UK Covid approach as exemplary and world leading. The questions are

Are schools really as safe as they should be. Is the school strategy to infect as many of our children as possible. Is Covid still less dangerous than crossing the road for children.

31 thoughts on “Autumn colours

    1. Sadly, there are people who treat on fingers to get up the ladder of success, they do bad things and sell many lies, with such a mindset:
      Bet you’d sell your mother
      You can buy another


  1. Being a citizen of a third world country I am surprised! Its high time that we should start accepting the fact that government and their irresponsible behavior is quite similar everywhere.

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    1. Their clown 🤡 shit 💩 mentality seems to be 🤹‍♂️ “How many of the vulnerable 🦽 that don’t make loads of dosh for us 🦼 can we get rid off ☠️ and how quickly?”


  2. The governor of California is mandating vaccines for children in order to go to school, so far for 12-15 and then younger as soon as the FDA approves it. People are outraged and saying they’re moving out of state. Not protecting vs. overprotecting… I watch with grim interest.


      1. I just found out about a fellow who is very, very sick right now, whose wife has called an ambulance twice, but he keeps refusing help. She just went to the hospital to find she has pneumonia (and is home). Their family didn’t get vaccinated and the only one who hasn’t caught it yet is the not yet 2 year old granddaughter. They are family to a longtime friend of my husband’s, (quite far from us), and all we can do at this point is pray. So much ignorance, fear, and misinformation.


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