Amazingly we got a marked test paper back from school. That’s a first this year.

The score was down on his usual grades for the subject but…..

its a really good score considering that some of the marking seemed extremely picky and harsh. But I guess that’s what happens after you mark so many papers at home, at night. Police Corruption is wrong, Police Detective Corruption gets full marks.

it’s a really good score given it’s a subject where the content has been anxiety inducing madness this term.

it’s a really good score given…..

Exam questions are often vaguely worded but the marking schemes are often precisely prescribed. Misinterpret the question wording and it could be zero marks. Here’s the thing, Hawklad will read a question and see the problem from his point of view. Not wrong at all, just a different interpretation. His take on the world. Teachers have often used the phrase to Hawklad ‘you read that question WRONG’. Which is odd in that I often agree with Hawklad’s take on a question. Happened in this exam, TWICE. Two questions, two zero marks. Hawklad’s answers don’t tick any of the prescribed answers or words. Yet I think Hawklad’s interpretation is completely valid. His answers were really good but dismissed as invalid.

I sometimes think in this country, children are taught how to think, not encouraged TO THINK.

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      1. No kidding. It’s a sad state of affairs. It’s all about “learning” how to write the eventual state exams, not about learning to learn. 😥


  1. I wonder what the UK would look like if we all thought for ourselves? The world for that matter, all thinking, working things out and being awesome. Actually, that’d be reet champion!


      1. Sadly, as each bigot or charlatan steps down, another one takes its place. Not always, mostly it seems, because the system is geared for that.


  2. it often has baffled me when this happens , especially to children.Shouldn’t we be encouraging them to think on their own, rather than to think as someone else would under normal circumstances ?( i say that tongue in cheek – normal excluding sociopathic tendencies, extreme duress, etc.) I am grateful every day that my daughter is able to home school here and that there are so many options available to her to help now.

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  3. I always think as long you can prove your position, it’s not “wrong”, just because the teacher wanted a different answer instead. I used to get “great ideas, but sentence structure or grammar is wrong” I have dyslexia, so while I had “great ideas” I couldn’t write them down correctly. Didn’t know I even had dyslexia until I was out of school altogether -.-


  4. God Gary they are the fucking limit really.. Your son has the best mind it really shits me that these exceptional kids and people get stuck with a label that’s all about a narrow blind system.. I am re reading the book When Society Becomes An Addict at the moment and she talks about this calcified system they try to shape kids to not from the schools perspective so much………. It just seems so wrong to me that those with interesting minds are being told they are wrong.. keep reminding him its them not him… (though I am sure he knows) . hugs and love.


  5. Oh yes… dump them all into the meat grinder… hamburger for everyone. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ No thinking allowed. We must memorize only what we’re told and regurgitate it precisely onto their little tests. March in line, March in time… no thinking… keep marching.

    Better to daydream under a try and look at the sky IMO!

    Hawklad has an excellent brain and Dad willing to do whatever it takes to help. You guys will do just fine!


  6. Over here everyone is tested by multiple choice answers. No one is taught to think at all. It’s diabolical and it sounds as if the UK system is leaning the same way. This is not good. How does one protest?


  7. No, children are generally not encouraged to think. I am glad Hawklad does. I think there are really just a handful of really good teachers. At least that’s been my experience. A good teacher would “get” Hawklad’s take, in my opinion, such as it is.


  8. Good for you, for recognizing your son’a uniqueness, for acknowledging that he’s not missing the assignment, he’s viewing and completing it through the filter of his own lens. This is not celebrated in school as it should be, but it sounds like you celebrate him. This tells me that he will grow to be a remarkable man, who sees the value in his differing perspective. This tells me maybe someday he’ll be someone who changes the world, even if just a bit ❤️


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