A brief bit of blue between the rain.

A time to pause.

This is version 2 of this post. The first was I guess similar in tone to many of my recents posts. I can summarise it in one line

Well if you don’t look at his submitted work then what is the point…..

But maybe I’m missing something. What happens if I look at the issue from a different angle.

Years ago I worked with a guy who was a right pain in the backside. He avoided work, blocked initiatives, sucked the life out of the organisation. But I got to know him. He wasn’t always like that. He was once keen, dedicated, wanted to make a difference. But years of rejection, failures, dead ends and broken promises took their toll. Eventually it changed him, drained him.

I have been hard on some of the teachers at school, as I am frustrated that Hawklad isn’t getting the support that he needs. But here’s the thing. In my country Teachers are undervalued and underpaid. They have become the whipping boys for the Government and the Media. Teachers are not allowed the freedom to teach. They are told by the Government what to teach, how to teach it and what learning sources to use. The syllabus is rammed full. They have to teach often in out dated classrooms with insufficient resources and support. Class sizes are too large often with teachers trying to teach something like 30 pupils. Teacher performance is measured purely on narrow measures set by the Government. With all this, is it any surprise that Hawklad isn’t getting the support I think he needs. Teachers are like pupils, just cogs in the system that is about the needs of the economy. It’s not about the needs and dreams of individual pupils.

No wonder that those kids who need support, don’t get it. That’s modern education in Britain.

30 thoughts on “Morning

  1. Do you think Hawklad want you to say “Can we give up on School’s teaching methods now and learn some more interesting things together?”
    History of the environment 🌍 and human interactions e.g. Tulips. 🌷
    Researching different cultures: Vikings (Up Helly Aa) or Romans and their baths “Byzantine” 🤧 “Bless you” 😆 or the use of herbs of Europe in the Middle ages…
    Historical works of art (museums) as resources into personal interpretation of the human experience of the world at that time.
    A study on UK heritage sites (Tourist Information stuff) or further afield in Europe or beyond…
    How about doing a half hour daily diary in folder form of all and anything at a set time to show ourselves Time Management, planning, setting a goal and making our own deadlines?
    Archaeology, that’s going way back.
    Linguistics through the ages.
    Researching, writing notes, essays, research papers or poetry?
    Publishing original stuff even.


  2. Teachers have a very tough job especially during this pandemic. In my part of the world, they are forced to pilot this hybrid approach to teaching where one teacher has to run both an in person class and a virtual class. It’s leading to burn out.

    So it’s nice that you pointed out the challenges from their perspective. It doesn’t minimize or reduce the frustration that you and Hawklad are experience for sure but it does help shed some light onto larger systemic issues and problems caused by the government.


  3. I agree, teachers are doing their best but the education system was never set up for the needs of the individual…the picture postcard images of enthusiastic children hanging off an inspiring teacher’s every word just isn’t how it’s generally done (though I’m sure there are the odd inspiring moments).
    I think you might like stark.raving.dad on Instagram, he’s got some really interesting viewpoints and he just started a podcast.


  4. If the system doesn’t change, nothing will change. But to change the system, those who are experiencing the issues at the front (the teachers – and possibly together with the parents) must appear united and speak up.


      1. I am beginning to understand the complexity of the problem. The entire system of government would have to be redesigned from the ground up.


  5. Indeed. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to be a teacher there. The Government just wants robots. I’m so sorry it makes life so hard for everyone but especially special kids like Hawklad.


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