That’s a tree that deserves to be in a Lord of the Rings story.

So does this mushroom.

I wished I was in that Tolkien world this morning. Without any lesson notes or teaching guidance, Hawklad was trying to answer questions about Stoichiometry and reaction ratios. So in stepped Muppet Dad with his College Chemistry. It didn’t go well.

You know that you are seriously old when Atomic Theory has changed at least twice since you were at college.

Yep I like the sound of a world where people drop rings down big mountain holes, all without having to worry about what mass of Propane would burn in 48g of Oxygen.

And to answer your question. No Hawklad isn’t any closer to understanding this part of Chemistry. When I first started explaining I got the right answer. 13.2g. An hour later and I’m doubting my reasoning. What chance has Hawklad got when I confused myself. That is quite easily done these days.

But here’s the thing. Apart from in one exam, how many times will Hawklad come across Propane to Oxygen ratios. I bet Tolkien appears far more regularly. Maybe a course in Tolkien would be on much more use in life. It certainly will be more rewarding.

34 thoughts on “Tree

  1. I’m {{{giggling}}} as straight’way, as soon as I saw the tree and before reading the blog post, my mind is singing “Go West…” by the Pet Shop Boys. That tree’s made my day already at just gone 6am. Thanks chuck.


  2. I have a controversial photo I took in the grounds of Dounreay (least said…) and well I don’t like what clever people can do and have done. Clever doesn’t always equal intelligent and smart. Clever people can do and have done things that the planet’s flora, fauna and beautiful sentient beings pay for, for a very long time.


      1. There’s always someone high up in charge that says something like “We allow a percentage… ” be it human collateral damage or environmental destruction. Some humans see numbers and I prefer to see individuals.


  3. However did I reach the great age of 73 without the foggiest knowledge of anything you just mentioned! I can’t imagine why they would teach that to a 13 year old.


  4. I often asked myself why I am learning this or that… I never needed it later. And so I questioned some stuff my kids were bored and tormented in school.


      1. That is the problem when there is one system for all. But I understand that it is difficult to be that flexibel. I think the “Waldorf” schools are teaching this way.


  5. That’s the very essence of the school system in the UK today though Gary, it’s bloody pants! I was speaking to a teacher yesterday in the reserve – she gave up on teaching, because the British curriculum basically sucks – why are our children learning from a code of practice that’s so antiquated? what good are half the things they are learning? how will they aid them as adults??

    Questions that l alone have been asking for forty years, l questioned the very ethics of this shite even when l was at school ……. oh yes, Tolkien would be better, but just something creatively artistic and usefull would be better full stop.

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      1. Teachers are losing their faith Gary. I read recently less students in the arts of learning sign up to start training as teachers and some students leaving university now have the most bizarrest pf teaching principles.


  6. I love that tree!! I’m happy to see you visiting it up close💃🏼🥳😁

    Most of the stuff they require kids learn is useless in their adult lives. School should expose them to a variety of subjects, see what sparks their interest and let them pursue their passions.
    They should also be taught basic skills like budgeting and how to run a house. Basic cooking and cleaning. Parents aren’t always great at those lessons, and the purpose of school is to educate children so they can be functional members of society, right?🙄🤦🏼‍♀️

    Hmmm… yep! That’s a great tree!


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