How am I supposed to exercise with this lump under my feet wanting his tummy tickled. How can one cat take up half of a yoga mat. Scarily that is supposed to be an apex predator. Definitely the heaviest cat in the vets practice and he is proud of it . I guess the only danger he poses to the local rodent population would be if he accidentally sat on them.

They always say eventually owners start looking like their pets.

I’m there already, well it definitely feels that way today.

32 thoughts on “Cat

  1. Thank you for making my day I enjoyed reading this, and that is a beautiful cat. I must say that for some reason pets do enjoy being clingy while you work out.


  2. Awww… sweet boy! I guess it’s good that he’s on your mat instead of on YOU.
    My cat’s favorite place to lay is right on top of me. I push her off, she comes back. If I push her off again, the claws flex 😱 I’ve learned my place🤪😂 I am cat furniture🤷🏼‍♀️


  3. Ha, ha! I have TWO such cats! If one jumps on my chest while I’m in my recliner, he knocks the wind out of me. If they should ever decide to pounce together, I hope I’m able to call 911. 😜 Their specialty (as mainly indoor cats, with weekly mini-jaunts in our fenced-in back yard) is chasing bugs in the house. Do you have house centipedes in your country? They’re like “furry” little centipedes, but furiously fast. One of my big boys is obsessed with them! I love my cats, so much entertaining and snuggling going on at any moment, never bored or lonely with them around!


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