Damp, dark, chilly and windy. Definitely Autumn in Yorkshire. it also means places like The Yorkshire Arboretum will be unusually quiet. That’s the perfect time for Hawklad to have a relaxing visit. It’s good when he feels like he just about has a place to himself. That makes such a difference to him.

And it did.

And it made all the difference to his old Dad as well.

Can’t beat the quiet, can’t beat nature, can’t beat the autumnal colours.

43 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. I’m looking forward to autumn – in around 5 months time. It’s the most pleasant and comfortable season for me. We’re well into spring and today it’s too hot (25°C/77°F) and humid for me and I can look forward to suffering from bouts of hayfever for the next two or three months. Roll on autumn

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  2. Amazing, Gary…I just returned from exactly this kind of drive with the trees and the water and no people. I often find that our minds have been in similar places! Glad you and Hawklad enjoyed it.


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