Sun setting on another day. Looking at the forecast I think the sun is going on holiday for a few days and that holiday won’t be taken in Yorkshire.

It’s now a week off from school and the school at home project. Much needed. The last 7 weeks have been a grind. Lots of hard work and pushing, feeling like it’s lots of effort just to stand still. This week off needs to be about recharging the batteries. Letting Hawklad be himself, try to make it as fun as possible for him. Maybe even catch up with a little bit of Dad sleep. That alarm clock is definitely being switched off for a few days.

So I looked out across the hillside and across the Vale. Looking West towards the setting Sun which was briefly illuminating a strong, resilient tree. We can do this. So many wonderful moments can still be played out. Dreams are out there. Dreams can happen. It can be a wonderful life. It really can be.

41 thoughts on “7 days

  1. Gary, that is a beautiful and hypnotizing sunset photo you took. It is a wonderful sign of good things ahead!

    I’m glad you’re getting a week off. I hope the two of you get to recharge and have fun. And hope you get to catch up on your sleep. Pack that alarm clock away for the next seven days! 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

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      1. Very much so. When I showed it to my partner she thought we should get a print made. Maybe, if we ever win the lottery we don’t buy tickets for.


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