Some blue sky is always welcome here. Ok it might only last for a couple of hours before the next rain clouds roll in, but it’s still most appreciated. Especially when the days are filled with much frustration and road blocks.

A couple of hours is enough time for a mini adventure.

Been at out home for a couple of decades now. Life has happened over that time. Seen 6 cars, 5 UK Prime Ministers, 2 Pandemics and something like 460 Simpson episodes. And now we can add 1 hidden lake.

Almost from day one the local map showed up an expanse of water on one side of the village. In all those years we never found a way to get to it. Until now. Sometimes you just have to live on the edge. Be a rebel without a cause or maybe without a clue. Time to ignore some PRIVATE signs. Pay back for a tractor dropping mud outside our garden gate over all those years. Jump a few farm fences and finally get to see the Hidden Lake. It might have only lasted for a few minutes but it was worth it. It’s good to have adventures some days.

39 thoughts on “Secret

  1. Dear brave father,

    I went through you blog. I have a question that I couldn’t find an answer to and I am sure it’s something you must have been asked about before.

    What is it that you are looking for?

    ~ A daughter trying help her mother cope with the loss of her partner.

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      1. Such a genuine reply.
        May it get easier for you and may you dream again. Not like before but maybe something new that you need to understand all over again. Good luck!
        P.s I hope that I get to read it. 😊


  2. A rebel huh? I guess that makes us matching socks. I ended up on private property on my adventures too. Okay, so it wasn’t planned. I didn’t jump an fences. There were no clear sign saying I could go that way until I was well into the private area and couldn’t reach where I was trying to head. But still it counts…. I felt like such a rebel. For a moment. Then I quickly retreated. 🤣😂🤣😂 You and Hawklad enjoy your adventures. ❤❤


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