It’s autumn and it’s about to rain – AGAIN.

Maybe it’s just Hawklad’s Secondary School (11-16 age) but what happened to School Trips. Ok a Pandemic hasn’t helped but even before that kicked in, where are the school outings. At his last school they would go out once every term on a school trip. Always to places that supported a current learning objective. Trip to places like castles or Viking sites that fitted in with History. Trips to churches and mosques to support RE. Trips to plays to support English and Drama. Trips to the countryside to look at Geographic Features. Trips to local science labs to foster interest in Science. Trips to Sporting Venues to encourage PE. It’s been so different at his current school.

Before the Pandemic kicked in NOT ONE educational school trip out for Hawklad. A few pupils got the chance of a trip to France to see war sites, but spaces were limited. With so much available on the schools doorsteps. So much History, Geography, Science, Religion. Why don’t the school use it. One of the best learning tools is surely to put the textbooks down and actually experince what your learning about. To see, touch, smell the subject.

Why am I always so at odds with modern schooling in Britain. Surely there is more to education than just trying to increase the length of the school day and reintroduce Victorian discipline into the classrooms.

35 thoughts on “Outings Part 1

  1. You might live in a place that has a very long and vivid history, but few places promote their own back yards. More interesting going elsewhere, than looking under your own garbage can. Meanwhile, if we ever get rid of Covid without replacing it with something worse, maybe daytrips will become part of the curriculum again, but right now the dangers are too many. BoJo does not want parents suing the education system. His government would go bankrupt, except for the fact he can print as much money as he needs.

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  2. I loved going out on school trips. Good memories =D You’re right, and you know something? Some people do just learn better with personal experiences and feelings. Getting out and SEEING what they’re learning, can be better, when you get personally involved.

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  3. I have many fond memories of school trips from my school years and I agree with you that students benefit so much from these learning and social experiences. The pandemic has certainly not helped. I hope things pick up next year for some opportunities for outings!

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  4. Some of the things I remember most about school I learned from those outings! All my senses involved…

    Such a loss to not have those. Here in the States, I feel like education changed for the worse when students began being taught to pass tests that would get them funding rather than teaching for the sake of expanding their horizons and enabling them to move about as a contributing citizen.

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  5. I remember school outings in beaten up old coaches with no air conditioning, having to take a packed lunch and only five shillings to spend. They were great! We went to a dairy farm, power station, Badbury Rings, Maiden Castle and Corfe Castle. Kids today are missing out.

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  6. I loved school outing when I was growing up and generally learned much more, and more importantly, the things I learned tended to stay with me much longer. Experiences linger much better than any lesson text books can provide. Yes, Covid has made that impossible, but hopefully the powers that be will eventually recognize the educational value of school trips (though probably not your present government).

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  7. Well said – l remember yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeears ago like you, when dinosaurs roamed the earth [notably our ancient teachers] and even then later 70’s, there weren’t many trips in Surrey being offered, but way more than the children of today’s schooling system see. I remember going to London and seeing Madam Tussauds, plus another was see how biscuits were made and cars all in one day, rather astonishing really and a third to the Imperial Museum. The trip to France was very entertaining also ..

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