So much on our doorstep. So much to see and visit on a daily basis.

I was going through a box of maps, trying to find one covering part of our area. Why was it at the bottom of the box, buried under all the other maps….. Why was it as good as new, almost unused…….

As I searched through the other maps I found various handwritten notes. The notes, an insight into my former days. Route maps, climbing plans, camping sites, potential itineraries. One note caught my eye. A 4 day plan to climb 12 mountains on the Isle of Skye over one extended weekend. A real challenge for me, something to work to.

For years it has stayed a plan, gathering dust in that box.

It’s a different world for me now. Single parenting happened.

I smiled at that 4 day climbing plan and then carefully put it back in the box – maybe I can still use that one day. But at present my plans need to be much closer to hand. So the local map I was looking for was found. What can be found on my doorstep. That’s a start.

28 thoughts on “Plans

  1. I had been painting a door frame and had some left over gloss and a small brush in my hand. So in the outside passageway I’ve painted the words “Blossom where you’re planted.” There’s also a few flower doodles 🌸 🌺 🌸 and height notches for little ones to measure up to. For indeed, where we are at any given point, is the place we need to be and measuring up to the person we truly are.
    Back then we needed to be there. In the future we will need to be wherever we will find ourselves. Best plan is not to try to fast forward >> and miss these moments.

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  2. Yes! Little adventures can be just as memorable. What matters is that both you and Hawklad enjoy every moment. We’re managing okay over here–a low fever’s hit Biff and Bash, but that’s all. Still, we’re waiting on test results because the school won’t have them back without the results. Otherwise, the kiddos enjoyed trick-or-treating back on Halloween as a Jedi, skeleton, and Mario. No snow, so it was an enjoyable tralumphing about for me, too! Hugs to you from Wisconsin, Friend xxxxxxx


  3. Finding adventure and joy in the every day is a healing way to forge ahead, from one suddenly single parent to another. Keep close to the map on your heart…it won’t let you down.

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