Soon the autumnal colours will be gone for another year. Time to batten down the hatches for winter. But there is still just about time to get out there, be a part of one of nature’s great shows.

It is a wonderful world, so many adventures still to be had.

But here’s the crazy thing. Why if it’s such a wonderful world, with endless possibilities, have I found so many excuses in the PAST to stay INSIDE so often.

That needs to change.

64 thoughts on “Autumn Adventures

  1. These are stunning autumn photos and you’re surrounded by such beauty. The wooden bench under the red leafed tree looks wonderful. I can understand though about being a homebody and hope you will find the encouragement to go out and explore more!

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  2. This is an extract from a blog by a British woman who lives in France about « home schooling ». I thought you’d find it of interest.

    Our daughter is signed up with the official French distance learning system which follows the exact same system as she would at school, but she is sent the lessons online and also via various course books. It is still controlled and checked regularly and she is graded in the same way as she would be at school. Tests are sent online and in the mail for marking and also oral language tests have to be downloaded and returned. However there are no set timelines, which makes the schooling so much more flexible, a necessity as she is training five or six hours a day.

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  3. You see… Yorkshire can do glam… I can now see where New England got its ideas from. Mind you keeping such delights to yourself does keep we southerners away. Maybe you should revert to ‘it’s grim oop north’ shtick or you’ll end up putting falafels in your porridge

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  4. I have been so much the same this autumn. So much inside my head, turning my problems over and over. Even when I’m out walking the dog I’ve been too in my head, and I’ll suddenly notice the glorious colors and think “wait! Did it look like that yesterday?”

    Time to get out of the house and out of my head.

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      1. Yes. Trees are wonderful. 😊 They are one of my favorite of God’s creations. Especially since they create oxygen and we all wouid die if there weren’t any trees. 😂🤣😂🤣😂 That’s a really good benefit. The whole not keeling over dead for lack of oxygen. Plus, walking under trees is wonderful. ❤❤❤❤


  5. I imagine your Fall photos framed and hanging in a gallery..WOW! When I lived in Southport for 8 years before moving back to the US, I never got the chance to visit your area but your photos remind me of that time and space and smells of damp leaves…so wonderful to be in nature!

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