A moody start to the day. Kinda sums up the school week so far. The occasional glimpse of light, a bit of hope. But mainly grey, misty with a distinct whiff of approaching stormy weather…… Best highlighted by a review test sent today covering areas that poor Hawklad had never seen before. So if it’s a review then what did the teacher base that on.

What else has Hawklad been missing out on…..

I keep hearing that companies like Amazon are getting really smart at identifying potential new selling areas. Tailoring them to the individual. Using email and search contents to drill down on what the likes of me would like to spend my money on. To target me. That being the case then why am I getting bombarded by adverts about Scuba Diving Kit. I don’t believe I’ve ever searched the subject. Never trawled through Amazon for it. Never discussed it in an email. I CANT EVEN SWIM…… I guess a diving suit might be just what I need if I go out for a night on the town. Definitely Eye catching. In fact the oxygen task and snorkel mask is also very pandemic practical. Ok actually I might give those marketing emails more a more detailed perusal…..

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  1. i often have wondered why i get ads for stuff like that. At times though i have realized that at some point , i was nearby someone else talking about something related and they had their phone with them at the time. So then because i was in the same wifi area it transferred the collected A.I. info to my email or facebook algorithm. This is why i have become very careful about what i say when others have their phones on them and we are talking.I mean, it’s crazy. My roomie and i have talked about very private stuff ( we are besties) . I never have my phone around- it’s usually in the house and we are out on the front porch. But she almost always has hers and it’s pretty scary when i go in an hour later and am getting ads related to our private discussion! this is the world we live in.

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      1. The little ‘bots’ have crawled all over your posts about rain and puddles and that is what they have come up with. I honestly believe they have cos that is how this works.


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