Still not feeling very Spring like.

Somebody’s been busy….

These EGGS make a cracking Egg and Soldiers. Mighty fine very local honey as well. Every few months the Bees do a mighty impressive fly past directly over our house. There is something much more regular than that. Every morning the Cockerel provides a morning alarm call at 6am. Not always welcome.

If only we could bribe the big fella to call out at other times. Hawklad would appreciate that. He really struggles to get the concept of time. Digital or Analog, doesn’t matter, he just struggles to tell the time. Sometimes he can work it out but it’s a real effort. Thankfully he can use his iPad to read out the time for him and to set alarms.

Unfortunately iPad audible alarms and time prompts are not allowed in the exams. Exam timekeeping will be a huge issue for him. So as Hawklad pointed out, “I wonder if they would rather me take the cockerel into the exam hall instead.”

Why not, I bet Cockerels are not specifically mentioned in the regulations.

31 thoughts on “Eggs

  1. The thing is, how can you expect Hawklad to understand what does not exist. Time is just a number on a clock that people of a particular area will agree to call a specific number. Beyond that agreement time does not exist, and, no agreement in the workd can make it exist. Time is a fiction of man’s imagination.

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  2. If only the cock would crow the hours for your boy. It would beat any clock.

    Thanks so much for this delightful post. It had all the little things which can make my heart sing – hens, green grass, clear streams, egg-and-honey hatch…and the cockerel. Some days, all it takes are the little gems like these to rejuvenate you.


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