Everyday I find a quiet part of the house or garden and just sit and think. I think about the loved ones who are no longer with us. Just 10 minutes of reflection, but it is so important to me. Just trying to remember some of the key moments we shared. Trying to reconnect. They may not be here physically anymore but in my mind they are still here, still part of my life. Today I remembered a trip to Lauterbrunnen. Holding hands with my partner drinking in the alpine air and watching in awe at the spectacular Staubbach Falls

The reflections are uplifting but are tinged with sadness.

Such a happy memory but oh so brief. Little did we know how few opportunities we would get to visit this wonderful alpine setting together. Sometimes life is hard and painful but I am thankful that I have these memories. Thankful that I had that brief moment in time and also thankful that now, a 1000 miles away Lautterbrunnen is there. The falls are still crashing down given other couples the same opportunity to create their own brief moment in time. So today on this day, this somber day I am sad but oh so thankful.

47 thoughts on “Moments

      1. But the scenery is still in your mind, isn’t it. 🙂 That is what matters. 🙂
        I went on a trip recently and no matter how many photographs I took, nothing beats being there and enjoying the place. The place was surrounded by mountains and wild animals. The clouds were almost touching the ground when I woke up one morning. 🙂

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  1. Beautiful area!

    I think of all the things Nick is missing. The one that really hits me: The growing up of the grandchildren and missing out on our daughter’s daughter due here in January. He was her stepdad but she called him Dad. I hope he finds a way to let her know he knows. He’s been pretty good at that.

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      1. I look at my grandchildren that are new or have become ‘aware’ since he passed and the one coming up and think….They would have LOVED Papa….and I remember the love he had for them and how they are missing out on it now.

        But as long as they remember him and look at pictures, they will love him always.

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  2. You made me remember something I use to think when I wanted to be sad for the people that I lost: at least I had a person that was this good that felt sad… Thank you for it, and I am sorry anyway that you lost this person

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