For the first time in years I sat with my laptop doing some admin with breakfast TV on. I don’t know why, maybe the house just seemed too quiet. Then it all changed.

The TV programme showed an advert in support of a campaign to help lonely people in the U.K. – 1 Million Minutes. Within two minutes I was a flood of tears and a world of pain. I hadn’t realised the advert was about people who had lost love ones. Bearing in mind I cried watching an Indiana Jones movie. This took it it a whole new level. I’m still really shaky an hour later. Just thank god our son didn’t watch it. Not really sure why I’m sharing this or what I’m wittering on about. I think it probably shows the enduring power of love. Going to take the dog for a very long walk.

The video link is below.

81 thoughts on “One Million Minutes

    1. Mine is “Wow! Look at that car! I have to remember to tell Nick when……..” and it hits again. Or when my daughter told me she’s expecting again. And how Papa won’t meet this one. I will have to watch this video when I get home.

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  1. After I stopped bawling, I looked for a similar anti-loneliness effort in the US. Predictably, I found reports of studies documening a huge problem of loneliness and isolation in the US, predicting dire health effects, but the only links to any coordinated national response sent me back to the UK’s program, promoted in the video. Recommence bawling.😢

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  2. Until it hits home and how it hits is different for each person, many do not understand the power of loss. It is profound in its devastation. And yet, so many of us become blessed with newfound strength to, in time, move on with our lives. I trust and hope that strength will weave its way into you and your son’s lives. A very touching video. Thank you for the tears of remembrance it brought.

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      1. It’s not sad. I think it’s life, it’s all a part of life. That’s one thing that’s certain, we’ll all go, some of us before others. It’s painful nonetheless though. God helps us through the grieving and healing process, He knows our hearts and gets us through the painful loss. We all will be united though. That’s the beauty of it all, if there’s beauty in all this – we’ll all be united to be together again. 😊🙏🏽

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  3. I got a minute of the video and turned it down. I’m am s ball of emotions these days. Could be because I’m recovering still from thyroid surgery, not sure. A very well made video, but extremely emotional. There is no right moment, no perfect timing for loss, healing, none of it. Perhaps time does heal, but we never forget. May God always comfort your heart.

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  4. This is so fantastic. I live in Canada and we have nothing like this. I went with my book Grief is… Thoughts on loss, struggle and new beginnings” to the International Death Symposium in September and there were only two of us who had written grief books. Britain’s awareness level is leaps and bounds ahead of ours. I so love this idea that I have sent the link to others in my network to see who might help me replicate some version of it here. The video is poignant, but then so is grief. It captures some of those really hard moments. Thanks so much for sharing this.

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      1. I agree who pays for what is always an issue. We too are seeing a lot of program cuts right now; medications no longer being covered that previously were, environmental programs being scrapped, and funding to organizations supporting vulnerable populations being cut. Best to stay informed and vocal. And to give thanks we live in countries where doing so is deeply entrenched.

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