Warning this post contains bad language and monumentally pompous stupidity.

In 2018 the Switzerland Glaciers lost 2.5% of their volume. It’s expected that they will have disappeared by 2090 – at the latest.

On Friday thousands of pupils walked out of UK School’s to protest about our Governments inaction on climate change. Good to see the positive response it got from our Leaders.

“It is important to emphasise that disruption increases teachers’ workloads and wastes lesson time that teachers have carefully prepared for,” a spokesperson for the Prime Minister said. “That time is crucial for young people, precisely so that they can develop into the top scientists, engineers and advocates we need to help tackle this problem.”

Our countries so called Education Secretary “let me be clear, missing class won’t do a thing to help the environment; all they will do is create extra work for teachers.”

The Conservative Leader of the House of Commons “It’s called truancy, not a strike“.

Well if you got your head out of your arses and took meaningful action then the kids wouldn’t need to walk out. If you didn’t pander to the fossil fuel companies, actively promote the disastrous fracking industry and cut renewable energy investment…. then you might be taken seriously. What trust do you expect the next generation to have in you when they see the monumental f*****g screwup you are making of Brexit. The entire political system has abjectly failed its primary roles of protecting the world and securing the futures of the upcoming generations.

This has to stop. The kids get it. Unfortunately our dim witted, self serving leaders don’t. It’s time for the next generation to take over and time for our politicians to go back to school. Maybe then they would see what a gigantic mess they have made of the education system as well.

89 thoughts on “Back to school

  1. Hear, hear. The majority of our politicians in the U.S. also continuously miss the point. Maddening. How dare they turn it around like this? Just listen and admit your mistakes!! That’s what we try to teach kids. Demonstrate it!!!

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  2. My thoughts exactly, in fact I had an almost identical rant at the radio the day these government statements came out. My daughter went on the march in Bristol, with our blessing. That the whole point of the protest went so far over Mrs May’s head says so much about our one-dimensional, utterly incompetent leader.

    If there is one thing more important than Brexit it is climate change and our children will be inheriting the mess of Brexit and having to adapt to CC at the same time.

    At an environmental communications conference I went to last year, the organisers ran a youth conference preceding it. Some of the young people presented back their conference recommendations and the overwhelming and significant point was that they don’t like the concept that the young people of today will sort out the mess with their innovation and enthusiasm (a complacent adult attitude that abdicates responsibility), instead they demand that the government and others in power/business do much, much more to reduce the causes of CC ensuring that their (the young people) future will not be so uncertain.

    Thank you for your excellent post.

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  3. Yes, the kids got it right. I have my head in my hands regarding our presidents take on the situation – he has on the “it just doesn’t exist” blinders. I like to hear the kids doing that – in our country they have been taking a stand on guns and gun control. Their voices are the ones that will be heard or make future changes

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  4. “Extra work for teachers.” This is rich, coming from a government that until recently has persistently piled more work on teachers through foisting l new initiatives on them, continually shifting goalposts, created staffing inequalities by encouraging academies and denigrating subjects taught by creative arts teachers.

    This government (and the current political system) needs a lot more than a kick up the arse, for the sake of our youngsters, our society, our future and our planet.

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      1. I think kids can sometimes see so clearly. They do say abouta luttle child leading them don’t they so I don’t know if that applies here

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  5. Schoolchildren — and now students — have been doing this every Thursday since January 10th. From what I’ve seen, I’ve been impressed — they have been articulate, good humoured and utterly determined to keep going until the mainstream parties start taking the climate seriously.

    Politicians should take note — these are future voters and the parties that ignore them are likely to find themselves in a lot of electoral trouble in the coming years.

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  6. BRAVO for those kids who left their classrooms to make a very important … nay, URGENT statement! And BOOYAH to the bureaucrats who are either too stupid or too well-indoctrinated to understand the urgency of the situation!

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      1. Ummm … 🤔… well, let’s see … 🤔 … well, there’s … 🤔 … oopsie … 🤓 Did I do that? I’m sorry! Well, better you get the angst out than keep it inside where it eats at you! 😊

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      1. Oh, I don’t hate any of them, but I do hate the fact that they are more concerned with lining their own pockets than with doing what is in the best interest of the people they are supposed to represent.

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    1. It’s very easy if I understand it right. Have some of them face the side(s) of the aisle and sing whatever they like to hear, and then have the rest sneak between the two rows and snag the big brass stick off the table. I’m told that prevents any conduct of business after it leaves the room?

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  7. might I trade our jackass of a president for several of your government’s leaders? I think you having just one idiot would be best at this point. Maybe if we had several, it wouldn’t be so hard on us…………..then again. Can we just send all of them to the arctic circle for a bit?

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  8. You’re not alone!

    Aussie kids did this back in November: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-11-30/australian-students-climate-change-protest-scott-morrison/10571168 and are planning another one for March 15!

    The government response was predictable and as if your politicians and mine are reading from the same memo from their bosses: “Resources Minister Matt Canavan said the only thing children would be learn from the protest was how to collect government benefits.” He followed that up with: “I want kids to be at school to learn about how you build a mine, how you do geology, how you drill for oil and gas, which is one of the most remarkable scientific exploits of anywhere in the world that we do, these are the type of things that excite young children.” he said.”

    Our Prime Minister said: “What WE want is more learning in schools and less activism in schools.” My favourite banner in the protest was ” We’ll be less activist if you’ll be less sh*t!” 🙂

    Our ‘Education’ Minister, Dan Tehan, has sunk to a new low by pointing out that March 15 just so happens to also be the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence, and calling on striking students to “stay in school in solidarity with students who are being bullied in the classroom.” Of course by doing that no-one will see their solidarity in demanding our pathetic fossil fools government do more to ensure their future lifestyle in an environment that has not lost 3/4 of its flora and fauna, or a land shared with the millions of displaced people who can no longer live where their ancestors did.

    Governments sold out to the monied power-brokers long ago and now do only lip service to the concept of ‘representing the people of their electorates’. We daily see examples of their incompetance, slowness to respond, inability to lead, not to mention blatant corruption and sucking up to Globalised Business or in Trump’s case a Russian leader who could help him make millions for his real estate interests or the Saudi’s who his country sells arms to and buys oil from. Remember Jamal Kashoggi?

    Maintain your rage, Sir and never feel like your voice is not heard. Do it for your boy!

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      1. Not sure we can use the words ‘political’ and ‘elite’ in the same sentence anymore?

        Over here it’s more the other way around with the media. The media owners seek to take control of the political parties and get them to fit their policies with those of the stories they publish to make bigger profits and keep the rest of us too busy squabbling with each other to do them any real harm. 😦

        We had a doco shown on TV on Sunday: ‘All governments lie!’ – it was quite eye-opening.

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  9. I have a question…or two…possibly stupid ones but…I just can’t help myself.

    WHAT, exactly, does anyone expect any government to do about the climate, really? Government inherently screws up everything. The LESS government we have, the better. If they can’t handle education, they sure as hell can’t handle Mother Nature.

    Which leads me to my next stupid question… Did it ever occur to anyone that maybe, just maybe, Mother Earth, herself, is changing her own climate despite the efforts of those that want to chemtrail the skies or stop cows from farting?

    Some folks seriously need to read some of the Chris Thomas material. If things are melting, perhaps it’s time. Thousands of years ago, the North Pole was NOT frozen. Perhaps, she is returning to the weather she had long ago.


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    1. I think it’s stuff that is happening in like the U.K. Fracking is being pushed against all reasonable opinion, Even now when it goes on hold due to it causing earthquakes as it’s outside Safe parameters the Government is now looking to restart it by removing the earthquake safety check. It is short term decisions like that which is just about a quick buck.

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