“Dad its a long time since we had a properly red sunset. I can only remember seeing 3 blood red ones.”

He’s right. We are lucky here. It’s a daft thing to say but we have a big sky here. Not much blocking it out. Well apart from Yorkshire Clag – that’s thick low cloud. When we get a clear sunset they are often stunning but very rarely blood red.

But very occasionally we get one.

I know that a red sky at night is a fisherman’s delight but I think it might be an omen. At the very least I would hope Dracula or the Hammer Horror movies were born from a blood red night. Just think what a nightmare it would have been if the Dracula or Hound of the Baskerville authors had come up with the idea looking at a sunset but finding that they were dyslexic. The stories may have been lost. How many great ideas have been messed up by not being able to write”

Think of all the great stories that have been made by people with Dyslexia. You just have to find different ways of getting things done. Plus what happened if the Dracula author took one look at the red sky and said ‘That reminds me of a cricket ball I’m going to write about a famous cricketer.”

After a puzzled look. What about if Stoker. You do know Stoker wrote Dracula. If Stoker had said that reminds me of a blood sucking chipmunk called Alvin. The first book would have been called Alvin Prince of Annoying Singing. That’s when you would have wished Stoker was dyslexic.”

Can’t argue with that. Another thing I can’t complain about it he is now starting to find some humour in some of his greatest fears. That’s a step in the right direction. Now what’s the odds on a blood red sky tonight being serenaded by a signing rodent…

Public Apology.

Unfortunately the last few posts have been a tad unfair to a great performer. Picked on him a bit. I do like him a bit really. No not talking about Bono and U2 – not even scratched the surface with them yet. I’m talking about Alvin. I would like to apologise to him and all his brethren. Singing Rodents are welcome here. Not you Bono – you can bugger off…

166 thoughts on “Blood Red Sky

      1. I may live in Australia but i was born in Stoke and have The Potteries sense of humour…. was it too subtle for ya?? πŸ˜‰
        (But that’s still an evil thing to do to the man! ) πŸ™‚

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      2. Who said I watch??

        I listen for the howls of outrage from the Potter’s supporters at the Umpire’s bad decisions to gauge how well we play!

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      3. I think you mean PASS the spirit??

        (Mines a double by the way – makes the squeeking squirrels or whatever, just slightly less wrist-slashingly irksome!)

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      4. I might have found a good replacement – on my post from yesterday!

        He’s got the colour scheme down pat anyway – and a mean look in his eye! πŸ™‚

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      1. I have this horrid feeling that the time I have with Goldfinch is going to fly by horribly fast and before I have time to bat my eye-lashes I am going to be on a place back to England.

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      2. lol – part of me wishes that would be the case…

        …the other part of me knows I will need to be back at work and to earn something as my bank account is in single figures after buying my ticket for Australia!

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      3. Life changing in the sense that it’s going to one of those great moments in time that become a beacon point from which your life moves on. No idea what I’m prattling on about. Let’s just say I really hope you have a wonderful time. Now I get back behind the sofa….l

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      4. lol – I was not trying to be argumentative.

        I have had a few people say to me that they don’t think I am ever going to come back from Australia. Or others who seem to think Goldfinch is going to want to get hitched when he sees me. I am going around contradicting everyone.

        It will be wonderful though – I have no doubt!

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      5. You are very sweet.

        The thing is I know Goldfinch better than all the friends who are getting over-excited for me. I know Goldfinch and I know he will make sure I have a great time when I am with him, and then he will make sure I am safely back at the airport and on the plane back here.

        My mission is not to cry at any stage and spoil the time with him.

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      6. Beards are expensive? Are they more or less expensive than being clean-shaven?

        I saw a photo of Goldfinch some years ago (I think ten years ago,) with a kind of trendy beard going on. I have only seen him clean shaven.

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      1. If I could get on with this forfeit business – I am in need of a Sherpa. I have to get a huge suitcase and a small suitcase to Heathrow on my own 😦

        As a forfeit for cheating on your forfeit, you could carry my large suitcase!

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  1. Great Sunsets!! If you are East of the Pennine Chain it would take an exceptional set of circumstances to occur in order to get one of those! Count your blessings. πŸ˜‰

    Finding humour from your fears is indeed a GREAT step in the right direction – pretty good Dad work there, Dad! (Do you ever listen to your own advice???)

    I am assuming from the quality of your writing in this post that you came out of the forfeit in a reasonably sane condition – or have you not had to apply the torture yet?

    Finally, given the level of derision being slung here at the lead singer of a certain Irish band that will remain nameless by me and, i presume, You 2, is it not slightly Ironical that you give your post a name made famous by one of unsaid band’s albums?

    You can consider this a part of the forfeit:

    Hey – if it’s OK for Mel….?

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      1. Did you know that here in Aus she is sometimes affectionately known as ‘The Singing Budgie’ ( Short for budgerigar – native of Australia ) because of her diminutive size. πŸ™‚

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      2. lol – how about Dick Van Dyke? If you sing like him it would be great – he is kind of halfway point between Plummer and the car.

        Is this your way of volunteering to come out to karaoke with me. I think I may have been able to get Kristian (Tales Of From The Mind Of Kristian) to agree to come with me a while back – although I admit, he seems much keener to show me his chickens and share a cuppa with me, which would be kind of awesome πŸ™‚

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      3. I have just been forced to live through 5 months of electioneering propaganda and ‘get’ to vote tomorrow (it is compulsory to attend a polling station here if you are a citizen over the age of 18).

        The LAST thing on Earth i want right now is a ‘career’ with that lots of tossers. Well qualified though i may be? 😠

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  2. I’ve made my way through a few Alvin movies – even saw two in the theater. If I had to watch them as much as you, I would probably grow a soft spot too πŸ™‚

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      1. Oh yes. But it happens to me around the kids. When I am thinking about something I have an uncanny ability to turn off others from my mind, but can still nod. And I always end up giving the blank stare when I am being told that I nodded and agreed to do something in one of these states. I swear Catelyn can read it the best, and always knows when to ask for an ice cream trip πŸ™‚

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  3. Humor is truly one of the great healers, not to mention coping mechanisms. It’s Bo’s go-to, and while I do occasionally call him out for falling back onto jokes rather than facing something, more often than not humor’s THE way to deal with a shitty situation. Good on you, dad, for helping your son see that laughter can help the world move forward xxxxx

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