So our glorious leader Bonkers Boris has held his first cabinet. And it is truly glorious

  • Leadership provided by Bluffer Boris a man sacked multiple times for lying.
  • The person in charge of domestic security was sacked for fibbing about holding clandestine arms deals meetings with a foreign leader. Clearly we all accidentally bump into world leaders on holiday and the subject strays away from the beach talk to weapon deals.
  • The chap in charge of our kids education was sacked (with calls for him to face criminal prosecution) for leaking official secrets.
  • Several of the team would love to bring back hanging and fox hunting.
  • The Foreign Secretary apparently thinks feminists are obnoxious bigots.
  • A transport secretary who has his own private jet.
  • A rich member who thought a dying benefit claimant who was sanctioned for being 4 minutes late for an appointment – should learn the art of timekeeping.
  • Another who has recently been found in to be in contempt of Parliament. Something which seems to be a badge of honour.
  • The person in charge of housing loves the idea of a bedroom tax.
  • A Security Minister who spectacularly cocked up his own Parties Conference security leading to a significant personal data breach for a number of high profile targets.
  • A multi millionaire who claimed expenses of 49p for some milk yet struggled to correctly declare £400000 of outside earnings.
  • Another rich member who thinks people using food banks are not poor.
  • And this obnoxious thing

But we have hope.

In a far off realm a group of brave heroes hold their first shadow cabinet meeting. Ready to come to our countries need in its darkest hour. Modern day King Arthur and his Knights.

Ok one of the heroes clearly keeps falling asleep. But it’s hard work being this good. And not a top hat in sight. I suspect it would be shredded within seconds.

Maybe you have similar heroes who are poised to save your country. I think we all could do with special ones who are beyond reproach and who we can truly believe in. We certainly need a smile at the very least.

75 thoughts on “Horror Show

  1. Declan’s birthday was recently, which he enjoyed, but he continues to mention that he cannot wait until he is 35. Because then he can be President. The way he actually puts it is, “I can’t wait to be 35, because then it will be MY turn to be President.” He definitely knows what is right and what is wrong. Black and white, no gray areas so he could easily ignore lobbyists. Although I think I will vote for the gerbils. Let them have a go at it 🙂

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  2. I had left a great big long comment and then tried to submit but apparently I have two logins for my account and it would not accept my email address unless I have logged into my account. This explains why every time I go into sites I am following says that I am not. GRRRRRRRRR thanks WordPress. And it was a great response lol

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  3. I always feel like I vote against a mass of stupidity when it’s time for ‘us’ to elect leaders. Then again, I also feel I don’t actually know those running. They often behave differently once behind the wheel.

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  4. I am glad that my grandparents don`t experience these disastrous developments.
    They would have had a déjà-vu…Incredible!
    I hope this infection won`t spread further across continental Europe.

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  5. Clearly those are Australian gerbils – the best kind IMHO! (Remember to shut the gate though!) 😉

    As for that ‘Special Relationship’ – it’s now a ‘Three-way’ as The Flop has invited our glorious coal-loving PM to a State Dinner to maintain the Aus/US ‘special relationship’ in September (BYO Magnum of Moet, or, in The Donald’s case, of Coca Cola)

    I think i need a long lie-down! 😦

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      1. Clearly then, these will be some of the most important issues we need to address before a no deal Brexit is achieved on Oct 31!

        And he’s getting 150,000 from the taxpayer for that???

        Any chance of a collective ‘refund’ would you say?

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