I was hoping to have a trip to see friends this evening. Its been a long while. Going to see a footy game at teatime seemed an ideal opportunity. Son was primed to spend a few hours with his aunts. But with Autism you never get your hopes up too high. Same with being a single parent. Things happen. Your needed elsewhere. Change of plans. So it’s a night of movies on the sofa. Son is in charge of the programme so can’t rule out having to endure Alvin and those pesky Chipmunks. It’s going to be different from the original plan BUT it’s going to be lovely. A blessing.

This brilliant quote comes to mind.

“How beautiful it is to find someone who asks for nothing but your company” – Brigitte Nicole

44 thoughts on “Just be happy

      1. Indeed. I will prob put up a wee post with some pics. 12 years for them to get to this point is quite something and the journey..well… It was a wonderful stay. What a venue. AND even better a wonderful day honestly. SO much laughter and love truly, despite all the drama behind the scenes….. xxxx

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      2. Let me tell you, they have been in places in their time. The song they chose for the bridal party to come down the aisle to and then they stood so this whole song was heard, they somehow–well Eilis my daughter did–got Alice Marra who is the lead singer for the Hazey Janes and local musician–dead now alas– Michael Marra’s girl, to sing, . ( 9She did conduct the choir and sung one of her dad’s songs for the Mr’s play, but even so.) was Cannonball. So it was a day of many tears and wonderful moments. Their little boy was best man. He has just turned five and he did this speech this wee speech that just …well…

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  1. Oh no….no Aaalllllvin😱 Ben had one of those movies on repeat for over a month. I nearly lost it.

    I dont understand the need he has for taking over the main TV and putting a DVD on repeat that he doesn’t watch. Its background noise. I dont have to understand it though, I just accept it. Because love. Just like you accept the change in plans…love.

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      1. A kid can play a movie in his mind. He has watched it enough he knows every line, and every bit of music and what it pertains to. Just hearing it is enough to keep him aware of what is on the screen.
        I was a child before television became popular (yes, a genuine old fogey), but I read pretty well before I was four. I had books and books memoruzed complete with visions of how I perceived the action. I could play and watch the story in my mind at the same time. Can’t do it now, of course, but I was never bored as a child. Kids are amazing.

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  2. That is a superlative attitude Sir!

    That’s a great quote but just change two little words – ‘ask for’ – into ‘wants’ and it’s a whole other story! – I’m thinking Kathy Bates in Misery here.

    I hope you got lucky and it was WWF?? 😉

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