Apparently this year I’ve blogged 157,000 words. OMG. That’s an awful lot of drivel. So I’ve been thinking about making changes to the blog. Even about maybe deleting it. But in the end my urge to dabble has changed direction. Going to try and see if this great quote works. So today I have started a linked instagram account. Given it a really sexy name bereaveddad. I know a few of my friends here have similar accounts. I will try to follow you over the next few days. Please let me know of you have one and I will follow you.

Hopefully over the next week I will try to set up a Twitter account as well.

This world needs more mundane rubbish.

117 thoughts on “Changes

  1. I do have an Instagram account. Haven’t quite gotten the hang of it yet. Think it’s autisticzebra too.
    I used to have a Twitter. But no more. Twitter turned out to be too addictive for me and ultimately too toxic. My advice there would be to block early and block often.

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      1. Yes, I get exactly what you mean …. I have someone in my life who is just like that. A bully who gets their kicks out of having fights. Tragic really. Thanks for the advice, I’ll look for the block button! Katie x

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  2. Please please please please do keep going with this blog. It is brilliant ! I only do WordPress, and very rarely Facebook. I have a life away from my computer and want to keep it that way. I refuse to go on to Instagram, Twitter etc. as well.

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  3. I have an inter gram account but just couldn’t get my head around it, I may try again at some point. I have a love hate relationship with twitter, mostly love, I find it can be very inspiring and you get to ‘talk’ to people in real time but you can’t always avoid idiots on their and sometimes I get drawn in… it would be great to see you there, let us know your account when you get one.

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      1. I use mine to share my blog posts, my thoughts and info about Education and autistic rights but it also helps
        Me connect with other parents and just people in general.

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  4. Drivel”” poppycock, If they think that’s drivel they will have a lot of banning to do way way before they get to your blog, iv read lots of drible on WP over the past two years that really should be deleted off the net forever.

    Sorry I only do WP I have no need for anything else.


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  5. I have an IG but I don’t post anything – all I do is police my kids and their posts. Not sure of my handle but I assume it is my name. And the same for Twitter. There was a great running community there I was a part of – but honestly – replying to all the tweets would take hours. And with blogging, something had to go. I still pop over there occasionally but not to post about my runs anymore. Same though – it’s just my name.

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      1. I can assure you – as soon as you put “runner” into your blurb you will get a ton of followers. Not only that – you can post about your runs anytime you want to (and get a lot of support).

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  6. “Mundane rubbish”? I think not. In my opinion your blog is so wonderfully human and, in addition, a source of much-needed information regarding Asperger, autism, and dyslexia. Nope, I do not have an Instagram account. I do however have a Twitter account named as my blog, Chopkins2x3…. maybe I will see you there. In all honestly though, I do not use Twitter much at all as I prefer to spend whatever spare time I have on Word Press. Please don’t go away!

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  7. Post like yours is what inspired my next story and give me more insight into life and the struggle people fave, keep strong, and know you are strong. My Instagram account is @candycrawfordz in my story I put many quotes about life, parenting and challenges.

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