Sorry having to milk the red flowers. They don’t last long and then that’s it for another year. Sadly shopping comes round much more frequently.

Another weekend shopping experience to be quickly forgotten. Yes we are always thankful to get some stuff. Things like bathroom rolls (toilet paper) and soap are getting easier to find. Finally some popcorn. Ok it’s just salty but we can add honey to it. But then the inner grump comes out in me.

So many items we take for granted are now becoming a luxury. The words out of stock, no alternatives, unavailable are becoming such a frequent part of the wonderful shopping experience. In terms of our Son it applies to a number of his favourites

  • Tomato ketchup (has to be Heinz)
  • Pasta
  • Skinless sausages
  • Baguettes
  • Tortilla wraps
  • Mini fairy cakes
  • Tinned carrots
  • Corn on the cob.

For me it’s the gluten free and IBS friendly alternatives. Yesterday I drew a complete blank. Yes you could get a few glutenless meat sausages and a couple of soya based meal options. Not great when you are trying to be a veggie and soya blows you up like a balloon. No dairy free milk option except Soya. Not one single gluten free bread based option. Looks like I’m trying to bake my own again – the last one ended up painted and used as Jurassic World play island… Yes we got some jacket potatoes but they look like they have just been used as projectiles in the latest Highland Games, then sent to the army range for target practice.

So unless I can find some super expensive options on Amazon then this weeks meal options will be another challenge. I’m ok, I can just walk around looking permanently pregnant thanks to my inflamed IBS. It’s more of a challenge for our Son with his set eating patterns. Moving from them causes so much anxiety for him.

Dad I’ve got an idea. Let’s just have a week eating crisps and chocolate. Wash it down with full sugar coke. Not good for us but at least it will be fun.”

I’m so into this idea. Yes I will end up very round. Having a body that looks like the perfect figure. A 6. But is that not a better option than looking pregnant from dairy and soya intake. Decision made. Where’s that family sized packet of potato crisps.

72 thoughts on “Gluten and dairy

  1. The really sad thing is, it’s probably cheaper too. I know that crap food cost SO much less than healthier options.
    And yes, I’ll eat whatever or not eat, but Ben has to have very specific things. He will literally not eat, rather than eat something not on his list. Even getting him to try new things is next to impossible.

    Good luck! 💌💌

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  2. I know. It’s frustrating when the things you want are exactly the ones that are permanently out of stock. I was craving for some ice cream but sadly it’s out of stock at the store near me.

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  3. Baking on your own isn’t such a bad idea. I whip mine up in the microwave: it only takes a minute to get a mug bread out. You can try teff, coconut and almond powder as alternatives. Seriously over the top gluten/dairy intolerant person speaking here. I feel your pain.

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  4. I’m so sorry to hear about your poor selection of food available. Sounds like how it was around here several weeks ago. Now, things are better. I am allergic to gluten, dairy, eggs, and my system barely tolerates corn, so shopping for me if I want anything other than chicken and veggies can be very boring. Thankfully, there are gluten free options, and the nondairy spread I usually buy has been in stock here and there, so I’ve bought several tubs, which are in the freezer. That said, I very much like the idea of surviving on crisps and chocolate! Count me in!

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    1. It’s definitely my survival diet of choice now. Here a few weeks back flour was sold out constantly. Last week or so it seems to have sorted itself out. I think the problem is here that the standard ranges run short and people just have switched to the specialist diet lines as an alternative.

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  5. Your son is correct – only Heinz will do! My late husband could easily go through a 64-ounce bottle in a month because he put it on EVERYTHING. That same bottle will last me 6-7 months now. Not the biggest ketchup fan…but it still has to be Heinz. 🙂

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  6. Flour was about the only product I struggled to find and that’s now back in stock. I really think you need to learn to cook, it’d be so much easier for you. I featured a really easy, gluten free cake on Saturday. Plus, why not make your own nut milk? Making bread takes practice, no one gets it right first time. There are loads of fantastic blogs with recipes for those with IBS, surely that’s got to be better than a diet of chocolate and crisps?

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  7. How annoying. I am not officially gluten-intolerant but I prefer gluten-free as wheat is horribly constipating (sorry if TMI). I could probably manage 1 x piece of fish with a breadcrumb crust, once a month at a push and no more. I know it’s not bread but I have a recipe for low carb, gluten-free and vegan seed crackers if you fancy? I make these every week and they are gorgeous.

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  8. God’s sake. This is awful. Our shops are great. There was a shortage of tomato puree before this apparently, but I even managed a tube of that and pack of passata the other day, which meant I don’t have to hoard the passata pack in the freezer between rationed uses so desperately. Flour ain’t come back cos the bulk that is made here is made for commercial use but even manage that since two local indies…one a grain shop, the other Love your Planet, sell it The younger girl wis impressed the other night when she got in paddy re her pal making the wee fellah’s birthday cake but the pal could not get flour, that THAT had been taken care of here. The floor was in the bag. To start with yep our shelves were bare, totally stripped but they are pretty well as usual now. BTW we have these red flowers and they are gorgeous but they don’t last and then the mess they make is unbeleivable… Hope things get better foodwise soon.

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  9. I feel your pain! I was so bloated yesterday after having eaten what was available. This morning I did a double-take as my face is swollen from dairy eye bags. I just want to get my food back!!

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  10. Gluten free is practically a law in SoCal (sooo many people think they have whatever is trending). I’ll send a CARE pkg if you tell me what to get. I know we have LOTS of pasta know and most likely Heinz too… though it might have a slightly different formulation (your candy bars have more/better chocolate than ours of the same name). I don’t know how long shipping would take but I bet it will be faster than your store restocking!!

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      1. It’s completely sincere. No charge to you!!
        Around here, it’s standard to have abundant gluten-free options at restaurants, or for people to modify their orders to gluten free.
        I once became intensely embarrassed by a friend who angrily returned a large customized salad because ONE crouton had fallen onto it. Removing the crouton was not an option to her as she considered the entire salad to be tainted.

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  11. Lol… toilet paper, bathroom rolls, tissue, whatever were calling them now shouldn’t make me laugh so much. Wow… I’ve become so distracted by this. I can’t get by these words without totally loosing my focus. Alright, I think I have gained my composure again.

    I understand the food frustrations. With Hashimoto’s Disease I have the opposite problem. If I even look at bread It seriouslty impedes my system. I have started avoiding bread entirely. This seems to be the only thing that works. Fiber? What does fiber do? Not what it’s supposed to do. One time I went through an entire container of one of those fiber drinks with absolutely no effect. That’s the problem with my autoimmune disease it slows everything to a crawl, thus you get fatigue, and other unwanted problems. So I feel your pain. We’re just opposite.

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      1. Lol… Well, hopefully I don’t do too much damage.

        Magnesium is supposed to help. It used to help more, but I have to keep switching brands and the last brand didn’t seem to help much. Being on the right thyroid medication is supposed to help, but medication is really tricky. Everyone is so different so not everything works the same for everyone. The last time I tried switching thyroid meds I experienced really bad anxiety. Then when I had my specialist decrease the dose it sent me into withdrawal right away. I was emotionally up one day and severely depressed the next day. It took me six months to come off that medication. And I kind of wonder if my body is still adjusting. That was not fun! I still can get bouts of depression, but nothing like that.

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      2. So get this. Mine is no way near as bad as your is. But it’s such a difficult balance. What works fir one person doesn’t work for another. Then what works one day, might not work the next. Although mine food related it’s definitely triggered by anxiety.

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  12. That actually sounds like the meal plan the hospital dietician our my daughter on. With hot chocolate instead of the coke as she hates fizzy drinks.
    If you can get hold of some almonds and have a food processor you can make your own almond milk. Might turn out less tasty than the shop bought but still ok. Look up recipes for it as I can’t remember the steps.

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