First question. How did this beautiful rose get here. It’s mysteriously appeared this year. A most welcome new guest.

It’s been a day of questions

  • French verbs – no help here sadly
  • Correct cooking time for Puff Pastry – you might as well ask Trump about humility
  • Name Four ways waves shape the coastline – I managed three
  • Oven temperature for cooking Puff Pastry – you might as well ask Johnson to name all the kids he has fathered (he won’t go there for some reason!)
  • How to calculate the area of a Trapezoid – I’m not sure looking blankly was the right answer
  • Where was my wallet – unbelievably still on the back seat of the car … probably been there since March
  • Where are the scissors – the correct answer was next to the tomato plants, outside in the garden
  • How much money is left in the bank – not enough….
  • Where are the spare batteries to fit the TV remote control – not worked that one out yet
  • Why did the bread loaf burn in the oven this morning – because I can’t cook
  • Why is my hip hurting after this mornings exercise – I am getting older and I might have also tripped over a plant pot
  • Why did the hoover stop working today – because that’s life…

Rory asked some more great questions in a recent blog. So while I’m on fire answering so many questions, well here goes….

  • How spontaneous are you? Things just seem to happen and I end of having to spontaneously put out the fires.
  • How flirtatious would you say you are? Not very. Probably been less than 10 people I have generally been flirtatious with. Not enough self confidence really. But I am pretty playful
  • How serious are you as a person? About 5% serious, 45% not serious and 50% confused.
  • Do you think the older we become certain emotions are easier to handle – say as an example “grief”. I’ve found things like failure easier to handle as I’ve aged. Grief I don’t think so. So many factors effect grief. It’s a unique journey for everyone. A journey we sadly have to make more often as we go through life. As you get older it sometimes feels like a Seance is a better way of contacting friends and family, rather than Facebook.
  • What is the most adventurous thing you have done to date? I once had a Strawberry Poptart.
  • What’s the craziest or riskiest thing you have ever done and simply got away with it or gotten caught doing it? My partner was swimming in the ocean off Australia once and apparently she had a Great White for company. Sometimes it’s good not to be able to swim. For me it was probably going to a Ronan Keating concert.
  • What do you think the future of dating is now that social distancing has become part of your life? Probably a market for giant complete body hugging condoms now. I guess the secret is to date people many miles away.
  • How different do you really think you are to the next person? Right from an early age I thought I was different. Never really built to fit in with society. The sort of person people often look at and think they are a bit weird. Best way to describe me is probably just a little bit vexing…
  • During this time of global concern how has your thinking changed regarding the planet, conservation and climate change? It’s firmed up my views. We are at real risk of screwing things up completely for future generations. Too many people are voting for self deluded cretins. This world needs real change now. What’s the words I’m looking for – a bottom up revolution.
  • What topical issue considered taboo by society are you deeply passionate about? Too many people still think it’s taboo for wonderful kids and adults, to be different. Unique. That has to stop. These great kids and adult don’t need to change. WE do.
  • What is more important and or is there a difference between friendship and companionship and if so what is the difference? A friend is someone who can spend time with me while putting up with my vexing nature. A companion is someone with the patience of a saint who can completely ignore the vexing stuff.
  • What is your passion with regards writing genres. What is your chosen genre. And what is the genre you might like to write about but lack the confidence to start? I kinda just have to start writing and let whatever pops into my head out. I’ve tried to write in a predetermined style but its never worked. Secretly I would love to write either fantasy or horror.

78 thoughts on “Questions

  1. Horror? Really? I never would have guessed that. I used to read Stephen King when I was much younger, but that was kind of my best friend at the times influence. Now, I think there is enough horror in the world as it is, so I can’t read or watch anything dark. I’m way to sensitive to it.

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    1. Not the new Horror stuff. More the old the Hound of the Baskervilles. Those based on atmosphere rather than shock. Its about writing it but certainly not reading it these days. I guess it’s a bit about I just wouldn’t trust myself to right adequately enough about things like emotions and relationships. I would personally rather read stuff which makes me smile and think.


      1. Hmmm. Okay, I think I get what you mean. I can’t write fiction. I’ve tried. I can’t get past short stories or the first chapter of anything. For me it’s not just how difficult it is to write about emotions and relationships. It’s how difficult it is for me to write about anything I have never experienced. My world has been rather small and sheltered. I can be creative, but my imagination is on the weak side. I would also rather read stuff that makes me smile and think, which is why your blog is an easy read for me. One of the things I look forward to, in fact. ☺

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      2. It doesn’t come naturally to me as well. It’s bizarre I think I’m a private person but all I can really write about is my life. I still keep thinking of that religious book store in Switzerland. Looking at the books in the window. One day seeing your book there. 😀


  2. I don’t find you vexing and I think a lot of people would agree. You have a great sense of humor, you’re an awesome dad and you can turn any spelling word into a dinosaur, that’s talent right there!😉😂

    Wasn’t there a skit on some show with full body condoms?? I’m going to have to do some research.🤓🤔💌💌

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  3. I don’t know if I can get the image you conjured out of my head. If I dream of 6 feet tall condoms with feet running around hugging one another tonight It will be all your fault! LOL

    Loved all your answers, but like Tina, I was surprised by the idea you’d like to write horror – fantasy, I get, horror, not so much.

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  4. Well I do love your writing style to be honest and your take on the world. The only way to survive all the current horror and silliness is to have a good sense of the ironic, ridiculous and humerous you have that in spades which is why your blog id so popular and your followers also your best fans. Viva le difference!!!

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  5. Great answers! I definitely agree with your answer regarding older people having to attend a seance to contact relatives. All the older generation of relatives I grew up with are dead now. The young don’t realise this until it’s too late.

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      1. You are always welcome! Due to my health I’m isolated at home and I miss teaching so much I’ve found myself randomly doing things like this online! I really am happy to help, anytime! (Not French though – I’m absolutely dreadful at it, despite having a Swiss French God mother!

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  6. My hip is hurting me too! Both actually. I guess it is just the workouts but lately every time I stand up it takes about five steps to walk normally. I’ve never had hip pain either. And I can relate to always feeling like I didn’t belong. I was so used to being an outsider it is just a role I have adopted into adulthood. This quarantine isn’t helping things at all. I am terrified for it to end and then I will have to talk with other people. “Other people” was hard to write.

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    1. I so understand this. I’m dreading my return. I have to work on these things. Still have to work in them. Definitely feeling an outsider. My hip is the same. It feels like I have to walk or run in the direction the hip wants to go for a few steps before I can start.

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  7. Hey there–I used to be a French teacher. I’d be happy to help your son out with French grammar. Feel free to email me at finneganthekitten@gmail. (I sometimes borrow my youngest cat’s email address. He’s the tech manager on my site.) 🙂

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  8. Lovely post and great answers. I suspect you are less vexing than you believe and as for flirting, I’m sure you can flirt with the best of them. I hear social distance dating is all the rage …

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  9. Very eloquent today!
    I think a companion is someone who appreciates your qualities that vex others.
    I have 6 rooms in my house and 5 pair of REALLY good scissors. Obviously, I only ever need scissors when I’m in whichever room doesn’t have them. The next time I’m at the store where I got them, I’ll probably buy 5 more pair – and still never have them where I need them!!

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  10. Entertaining. Laughed out loud at “strawberry poptart.” You may be less adventurous than me. There’s a free website called Kahn Academy which is great for math help.

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