Sorry this is a couple of days late. The new WordPress editor took a dislike to this post and it’s taken two days to fix it.

Well a bit of blue sky and no rain is a start. Even the wind has eased. Feels almost like Autumn now.

Two conversations have rather defined this autumnal feeling day. The first one with the dentist.

I finally managed to speak to my Dentist about my chipped back tooth. In a nutshell this is what the Dentist said.

  • The practice partly reopens tomorrow.
  • They have a huge backlog and waiting list.
  • They are allowed to start looking at emergency cases but won’t be able to do much with them. Basically just temporarily patch them up. No drilling or aerosol inducing treatments allowed.
  • They will get back to me when they can have a look at it. But the repair will be some time. Dependent on getting the go ahead from the Government.
  • The Government is a shambles. Just making things worse.

So basically just got to grin and bear it. Will add temporary dental fixes to my increasing list of almost skills. It’s quite bizarre that the UK’s Health Minister is spending more time and energy on getting Horse Racing going than be is on helping out the NHS and Dental services. It’s amazing what being funded by the Horse Racing Industry does for a persons priorities.

The second conversation involved a muppet but not our Health Minister thankfully.

Dad remember when we worked out that you are 25% human and 75% muppet.”

75% is probably understating the muppetry.

Well Dad I’ve been trying to work out which muppet DNA runs through you.”

Well when I used to go and watch Newcastle United play footy. When I say ‘play’ I should say ‘get beat’ at footy. Me and my friend would just sit and slag off our own team. We were definitely the two old muppets in the audience. Waldorf and Statler.

Ok but now you don’t go anymore then they don’t count. I am seeing three muppets in your DNA. First one is Beaker. That expression and the hair sticking up is just so you..”

“The second muppet I see in you has to be Fozzie Bear and those terrible jokes of yours..”

“The final muppet in my Dad is definitely Animal. You seem to approach everything. Things like cooking, gardening, hairdressing with the same care and attention that Animal approaches life..”

I can’t argue with this assessment, although I am a little disappointed not to have a little bit of Miss Piggy in me. Now do I trust Animal with this emergency dental kit…

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64 thoughts on “Conversations

  1. Sorry, not Animal. Not that you don’t love the woman that was your wife, we know you do. But Animal LOVES WOMEN!!!
    I just can’t see you all mop-headed screaming “WOMAN” as you chase every woman off stage right. You’d cause her to be in Stage Fright.

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  2. You are very versatile, Gary. An all-in-one muppet. Oh, wait, what about Kermit? You must have a bit of Kermit too since you are the manager of your two-men-household.

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      1. It is funny that you say that. Each muppet had a character you could relate to in some way or they were so drawn from reality. It was so easy for me as a kid to take them for real.

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  3. Aw, Gary, you never fail to make me smile. Please do not trust Animal with that tooth. I have used whole cloves in a pinch or clove oil if you have a natural remedies store that is open – it acts like a natural pain killer.

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    1. It’s too small a hole. Using a temp filling which is like putty. It lasts for a couple of days before you do it again. As the dentist said when they are allowed to move to phase 2 then they can see patients and do basic cosmetic stuff. But they can’t do any real work until phase 3 is allowed. Then they face the problem of getting the PPE in.

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  4. I would have said the Swedish Chef Muppet – he was my favorite and I can see a slight resemblance when it comes to baking 🙂 I hope your tooth doesn’t cause you too much pain until it can be repaired. I hope you find some relief soon!

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  5. Miss Piggy? And what character trait would she represent? Sorry you have a tooth problem. Praying it won’t cause you too much pain before you can get it fixed properly.

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      1. I find the biz of what’s in everyone’s way heartbreaking. Up and down the land these assholes have no idea how anyone lives. The other day it was kids would be happy to see zoos open???? Believe me no. Kids want to see their wee pals, they want some of their lives back, their activities they go to, the right to go in a play park instead of seeing chains on the gate.. They don’t give a flying Donald Duck about going to a zoo. Anyway, if you are only allowed to travel a certain distance and there are no zoos within that distance, please tell me how that benefits the average kid? I am all ears and open to suggestions. There was this brill article in the Guardian about yesterday’s even more shambolic performance from …I would love to say Muppet Central but why insult the Muppets, when they add so much to world happiness… about how Bodgers hair was a mess and it was this jolly hockey stick approach to why open the schools and deprive kids from going to the zoo? He was kind of doing that anyway. Totally bodging the fact he should never have opened the schools right now in the first place. Up here we have this beyond belief rule, that no journo has asked about, regarding the fact that a childminder can have 4 kids in their home… but see if that minder has grandies…?? No. The only people allowed in your home right now, apart from those who live there, are other people ‘s kids IF you mind them officially. and only up to 4. But hey, you can see your grandies outdoors in the pouring rain , howling gale and freezing cold, getting pneumonia while you are about it. Just don’t trouble the NHS. And I kind of knew that while they would say dentists can reopen, they’d be better not actually. The real Muppets are the best. And your son so made me smile. he has it sussed.


      2. I’ve never known a government this bad and we’ve had a few. It’s like the mess up which was some primary schools opening on the 1st June. It didn’t happen because the government forgot to plan for it. But no apparently it’s Labour and the Unions fault. My money is that they will do the same with all schools and in September they will suddenly scrap all the regulations and say schools can reopen like they did in February. Then when it messes up it will be the parents and teachers faults.
        He does have me sussed.


  6. I am some combination of Oscar the Grouch and Kermit … Muppets are so much nicer than humans, for the most part, even Oscar. I’m dismayed over the fact that you cannot get your tooth repaired for what sounds like months or longer! Ridiculous! Sigh.

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      1. I’m glad to know that! Otherwise, I was going to suggest the string-tied-to-a-doorknob thing! Um … gee, yeah, I think there might be another country that’s in even worse shape than your own … give me a minute to think … 😉

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