Blue sky… That was a few days back. These roses are about 14 feet high. Yes the hedge needs some attention when the birds finally fledge. So how do I take a photo of high up roses. Being one half inch above average height rather limits my reaching capacity. Can’t use the ladders. They are loaned out to someone for a few days. That was just before a pesky pandemic broke out. So might see them again in 2021. So what to do.

I tried standing on a plastic garden chair. Even on my tippy toes, no where near high enough.

I then tried to rig up a DIY selfie stick. The long pole window washer makes a surprisingly fine temporary solution. And yes it did generate enough height. One Tinnie Winnie technical problem. Once the mobile phone is 14ft high, how do you press the record button. Get another pole! Yes I actually considered this for a few moments. Didn’t really think this one through.

I even dug out Son’s toy drone with its onboard camera. A brilliant solution let down by one thing. We both can’t fly it. I carefully positioned the drone below the rose. All I had to do was gently lift the drone off the ground. Get to the right height, hover it for a second while I pressed the camera button. That was the plan. Unfortunately my gentle liftoff was more akin to a NASA rocket launch. Within seconds the drone had screamed over the roof of the house and was heading towards the road. Thankfully when the drone did come down on the street it had not hit anyone. I bet the landing was as graceful as a Dodo jumping off a cliff.

So time for Plan X.

Thankfully the trampoline is kinda close by. So yes I’m not proud. I bounced and tried to take a photo on the way up. The photo above was the best one out of an understandably out of focus bad bunch. But given the effort, yes it was kinda worth it. Although I particularly liked this effort.

I can hear the cries. You only had one job, take a photo of the roses. Probably best not become a wedding photographer just yet.

73 thoughts on “Bouncing

  1. Gee, why not just build a time machine and … That is a pretty ingenious train of thought. I suppose if you timed the clicking of the shutter precisely at the apogee of your jump, you might get a clear image. Shouldn’t take more than — I’d estimate — a thousand jumps to get the timing down. You might never succeed, but your thighs would be buff! LOL.

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  2. This was very entertaining to read and imagine. ๐Ÿ˜€ Hey, whatever works. Sometimes the best solutions are the ones that provide the most ingenuity, imagination and entertainment. Now, how do we bake that 20 foot cookie?

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  3. I love both pictures … at first glance, I thought the second one was late-stage dandelions. Very artistic, and you have proven that old adage, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”!

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      1. Now stop that right now! You have an excellent brain and equally important, a good heart. I will admit that baking might not be your strong suit, but we all have our Achilles heel!

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  4. I suppose that career opening as an elephant proctologist is non starter then. Love the constructive use of time – all that ‘learn a new skill during lockdown’. Alternative window cleaner, high wall chad model…

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