This week has been wet. Very wet.

This kind of weather really makes you appreciate the garden. When it’s too wet to venture out through the back door you realise just how small your world can seem. Extremely claustrophobic.

Yes that garden has been a blessing over these last few months. A play area. A dream area. A place of quiet. An area to breathe in. An area to exercise in. An area to work in. An area to walk in. An area to see nature. A safe area for someone with Aspergers. An area in sit, look and relax. Our area.

So in a brief lull in the weather bombardment it was time to venture out again. Just a few moments. When we returned to the house we were absolutely drenched. But it was so worth it. I remember someone once telling me that

Sun is fine but it’s a bit of a luxury in Yorkshire. What you really need to grow the best Rhubard is proper rain.

At this stage I have to put my hand up and admit that I am probably the only Yorkie who doesn’t like Rhubard. That’s probably why I’ve been called proper posh Yorkshire. Putting that to one side it is true that the Sun is a luxury in this county. Almost an afterthought. But rain does feel like a time of growth and rebirth. After the rain everything seems just a little more green, just a little more healthy. A few more seedlings will have sprouted. And in my case, I’ve become just a little more rusty. So yes rain is good. It’s an essential part of life, ours life’s. To be fair without it my blog would have a lot less words to wade through. So yes I will venture out again as soon as I have posted this. Time to feel that rain on my face again. Time to feel alive again.

But it is also nice to dry out occasionally so please can we get a guest appearance from the Sun. A bit of Sun is also nice to feel. Time to feel warm again……

61 thoughts on “How wet…

  1. You don’t like rhubarb? I’m shocked! I find myself missing rhubarb and I don’t even come from Yorkshire πŸ˜‰

    I agree with you about gardens though. We have quite a sizable back lawn and it really has been a godsend these past few months. Life would have been a lotg more stressful without it.

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  2. We’ve had more rainy days than usual this year, and for the most part, I haven’t minded … the dreary, grey, wet seems to fit perfectly with our times, with my mood. However, when we do have a sunny day, I seem to have more energy and it’s a bit easier to smile. Today is one such sunny day. I will, as BJ Thomas sang, “Do me some talking to the sun …” and ask him to make an appearance over on your side of the pond this weekend. xx

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  3. Yes, a bit of sun would be nice here as well. It’s been much cooler than I prefer, which makes me not as eager to venture out. It can definitely become claustrophobic. Wet or dry England still has it’s charm, but I hope you get some sun and warmth before the summer is through. Here too! I need to recharge.

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  4. A ‘proper posh Yorkshire’, love that πŸ˜‚ Can’t say I’m a rhubarb fan either. Nor am I a fan of this gloomy grey and rainy weather. I know we come to expect it in the UK but given how worrying and heartbreaking the pandemic is, how much it’s hanging over us like one horrible cloud, I think we could all do with a bit of brighter weather. Fingers crossed some proper summer weather is around the corner..!

    Caz xx

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      1. Yes.. you might say… This is all to do with bringing this house into the ..forget 20th century..the 21st.. Seriously –having lived many years in the 19th century with the last house… finally we are arranging to have our own entrance as in gate and path.. As for how that cable was laid?? Well I sure ain’t paying Virgin a fortune to sort the mess they mad.e

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      2. You are right. These companies do what they like. At least our neighbour who has the bulk of the ground floor here, had started digging that bit of path out cos there’s plants in it. If she’d brought in the mini excavator as is going to happen when we put the car bays in…well……

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  5. You take very nice wet pictures, Gary! We often have many gray days too but often a day will start gloomy and cold and a few hours later you are peeling layers of clothing off. Not a problem now that I am home 24/7!

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      1. I remember those days when I was at boarding school in North Devon . I just never got warm and suffered with chillblains. They don’t get those here. It was torture!

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  6. What a blessing to live in such a place – so much beauty surrounds you! I have been complaining about the rain here. I try not to, I really do, But we’ve had few days of sun in the past few weeks and the forecast is calling for more of the same this weekend. However, we have had a visit from the sun here and there as clouds separate to let its rays come through. Rain is good, no question about it. But I am so glad to see the sun – though I do wish for a longer visit! LOL and your photos are beautiful!!!!

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  7. Looks fabulously green!! I like the rain too. I like getting soaked through and then coming inside to a warm cosy house, with a cup of something lovely and hot to drink. Mmm πŸ˜‹

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  8. Rain is a major luxury here. I used to get horribly disappointed when it only fell during office hours. I LOVE rain!!

    Now I’m going to go enjoy the low 70s temp and full sunshine by tanning in my itty bitty, mostly private, back “yard” (more of a cement slab) and try not to think about the fact that I noticed the property fence is leaning severely and might fall over any day now (I can’t afford to fix it and I know the neighbors won’t even consider it, though it’s 1/2 their responsibility).

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  9. I think I would like Yorkshire. I live in East Anglia and it’s very sunny and hot very often here. Which, I suppose, would be great if I liked the sunshine but I prefer cool damp weather and windy rainy days. As a child I spent my summer holidays in Wales and some time in the North (Whitby, the Dales, the Pennines and Edale in the Peaks). Me and my sister would end up with colds rather than suntans! I guess I grew to enjoy that sort of weather. Anyway, I d hope it dries out for you. Personally I’m doing a rain dance for the East of England!

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