Another hot one. One more day then proper weather sweeps back in.

Maybe it’s the heat. Maybe it’s overthinking. Maybe it’s these crazy times. Maybe it’s lack of sleep. Maybe it’s feeling just a little bit alone in this fight. Maybe it’s just one of those days. But today has been on off day. A down day. A misfiring day. A depressed day. I get these days. Not as many as I used to but it doesn’t really help when they strike. These days it definitely feels like good weeks and bad days. So it’s a bit of a surprise when the bad days sneak up on you. All the more frustrating because there is not a definite cause. No warning. Just wake up feeling this way.

A day when

  • The mojo has gone on holiday.
  • Life feels hard and unremittingly uphill.
  • Just feeling yucky.
  • Everything is an effort.
  • The daily workout was completed but never got out of 1st gear.
  • You just want to sit and slouch.
  • That smile is an effort.
  • Routine things become annoying.
  • Those various body injuries just hurt that little bit more.
  • An old photo which made you smile yesterday today brings a tear.
  • That inner demon is just a bit stronger today. The negative voice is just that bit louder.
  • Definitely a little snappy and quick tempered.

Basically low and deflated. It will pass but until it does then it’s no fun. I was going to swear but I won’t. Let’s get through the day and see what tomorrow brings. If it’s the same feeling then maybe a bit of shock therapy is required. I think I will ask son to fill a huge bucket with cold water then fill it with ice cubes and whatever else he fancies. Then he can dump it over me. It worked last time I was like this, maybe it will work again. Only one way to find out….

81 thoughts on “Another day

  1. I can relate to all of those feelings. I sure hope that tomorrow will bring you a bit of hope. Shock therapy sounds terrible. That would not work on me. The cold makes me achey. If I touch something really cold it sends pain into the back of my shoulders. I once walked on very cold grass and had a similar experience in my legs. Yes, my body is adverse to the cold! Andrew is the opposite. He overheats, so he has no tolerance for heat. You have my prayers.

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      1. Well, I don’t hate snow. Our winters are pretty mild, so we don’t see a lot of the white stuff. But, yes, summer is definitely my recharging period.

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  2. Those “off” days are rough. I usually wind up making it worse by being mad that I’m irritable.🤦‍♀️ Sometimes a silly song and dance routine helps me, sometimes I hurt myself and make it worse.

    Why no swearing? Creative swearing is Family Friendly and a great stress relief.

    Hope you get some better sleep! It definitely starts there!💌💌

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  3. Yes, I can relate to some of those feelings you describe and yes, they can catch you out when you have good weeks.
    May another day be a better day. But if not, will your son be taking a photo of you after, from your ice bucket challenge and whatever else your son would like to add to the bucket?

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  4. The weather is hot enough for this kind of shock therapy. But it’s probably lack of sleep. That can really mess up the day. Have you tried taking any sleep aid? Melatonin words well and has no hangover effect. It’s over the counter.

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  5. Oh I’m so sorry I haven’t seen this until now my friend. I hate those days and sometimes you just have to get through them as best you can. I really hope you can find a little smile tomorrow. Sending hugs 🤗 xx

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  6. Ughh, I hate those days. There are some days I wake that way and I don’t know why and there are other days I feel right as rain and all of a sudden I am snapping someone’s head off. They all stink.
    One of my favorite artists is Tom Waits. He told a story once about how his wife made the whole family give up swearing. Anyone that swore had to put money in the swear jar. They were all out in the car one day, having a terrible day, so his wife put a hold on the swear jar and said for five minutes the whole family could swear as much as they wanted to. Tom said, “those five minutes were the best.” I don’t know, but maybe a little swear here and there helps a little 🙂

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  7. I recently read that cold water is a legit mood booster… so I hope that works out for you!

    I despise cold so I’ll be sticking with my depressed mood.

    I thought of you after having a long, changing, crazy dream last night.

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