I came outside to look at the roses. And breathe..

The UK Government has a natural ability to take the breathe away. What are the words I am looking for




Criminally negligent


Part timers

Out of their depth

Nest of vipers




One rule for the many, doesn’t apply to them

When you think it can’t get any worse and then they take it a new level……

So on the 4th July Britain is open for business again. Something we all can sign up to if it’s done properly and safely. But this is Boris Johnson we are talking about. The laziest and most inept Prime Minister in over 150 years. So here are just a few nuggets of his so called plan

  • The governments own scientists have warned against easing restrictions too soon. If we do the safe way is to do that carefully and in small stages. The PM has said oh tish to that. British wartime spirit apparently is all we need to follow. It clearly does help a leaders senses when he has rich backers and views the world through the bottom of an empty champagne glass….
  • For months we have been told that masks are a waste of time and that we should be keeping at least 2 metres apart. Suddenly 1m is cool as long as your wear those marvellous masks (but only if you really want to).
  • Since March we have been told that the key to beating this virus is the Tracking and Tracing App. Rather than go with the Google and Apple one we decided to give a contract to friends of the Government. This world class app was promised to go live in April, then May, then June. Then suddenly it’s dropped because it didn’t work (not the Government’s fault of course, it was all down to those pesky people at Apple). Now it won’t be ready until the winter but it’s ok as it was never a priority – everyone must have repeatedly misheard the PM and the Health Secretary …..
  • This scene according to the PM is perfectly safe, carries no pandemic risk and so can happen freely (this was our nearest beach yesterday) …..
  • However this scene is not allowed, carries huge pandemic risks and deemed unsafe….
  • People are not allowed to attend live theatre due to the risks yet our PM is delighted to allow pubs to open. The PM clearly trusts Joe Bloggs and his drunken mates to act responsibly and stay 1m apart at all times (wearing a mask) after 10 pints of strong lager.

But no they haven’t finished yet. Apparently schools will reopen fully in September. The plan is to ditch all social distancing rules for children. All we need to do is to tell the kids not to sneeze on others. Squeeze them back into cramped classrooms and act as if nothing has changed. Just in case each class should try not to spend too much time with other classes. Really. It’s ok for the Government as they send their kids to private schools where class sizes are less than 15, here social distancing can still happen. But not for the state schools with class sizes of over 30. In fact the PM has dropped rules so that the class sizes can go much higher than 30. If teachers become sick then you can just have supersized classes.

Well they can just sod off. They are no Government of mine. Time to bunker down.

So back to the roses and breathe.

99 thoughts on “Not had a rant for days…..

  1. First I have to ask, do you know the name of the rose? So beautiful and the picture … wow! I totally fell in love with it and would like to have it in my garden but it might not be hardy enough to grow here.

    And the second question. Did I understand it correctly that the picture from the beach was taken yesterday??? I’ve seen busy beaches (long before Corona) but nothing like this one!

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      1. I’ve seen Bournemouth beach really busy before but never to the degree that was shown on the photos yesterday. What is wrong with people? Imagine the queues going to it? It’s busy enough down near Christchurch as it is!! Beggers belief

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      2. Oh they are some of my favourite places to visit. We stay in Bransgore when we come down. Just beautiful but imagine that road into Lyndhurst yesterday and today. 🙈


  2. If anything, you’ve probably been too nice to Boris. Any government would have struggled to manage this pandemic and you’d expect some mistakes to be made along the way, and not everyone is going to agree on the best way forward. But to literally make it up as you go along, ignore the evidence that doesn’t suit your narrative, and offer no clarity or consistency and to ignore an obvious breach of your own, already inadequate rules, so you don’t have to fire your special advisor, is beyond unforgiveable. Boris has the blood of thousands of people on his hands but the worst thing is that somehow he’ll find a way to make sure none of this sticks to him.

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  3. I agree with every part of your post. Such muddled thinking driven by the interests of the Brexit gang such as the odious Tim Martin of Wetherspoons.

    They are no government of mine either. Unfortunately years of incompetent leadership and the avalanche of tricky issues such as Brexit, Climate Change and Coronavirus about which citizens feel utterly challenged and helpless, leads to the catastrophic scenes seen on our beaches yesterday. Who can blame people for wanting a bit of happiness, but the guidance and management around how they go about it was completely absent, just like the PM.

    Just when it feels like it can’t get any worse…

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  4. I saw those beach pics today.. reminded of Florida.

    I cannot listen to ‘leaders’ anymore… well, for awhile now. I remember when I thought this would never approach the level of the 1918 pandemic but here we are, still in the first wave (1918 followed same insanity and had 3 waves) and at over 492,000 global deaths… which is probably an understatement. We may exceed 1918 by Monday.

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    1. I get to add another one…. the giant Cheeto has, in the middle of a pandemic, requested that courts overturn Obamacare. Geee, I wonder if any Insurance companies had any influence there.


  5. I’m with you on all points. That’s Bournemouth, a hell on earth and do they really think the track and trace app will work let alone was applied yesterday?
    OK to open pubs and let the rabble loose after a few, and how many drunken competition will ensue trying to drink a pint WITHOUT taking your mask off?
    The world has gone mad. The sun has fried any logical brain, and we’re all at risk thanks to these f***king morons who don’t care, think it’s all over and was just a jolly to stay home and get paid for it, and obviously had no idea what was going on or the true consequences.
    I despair, I really do. There were a few today trying to keep to the social distancing in town. No-one on the door to restrict numbers, business as usual, let’s rake in the money and get the economy going. Well I’ve got news for you BoJo and all your asshole cronies……… if everyone’s dead, nobody’s spending and you ain’t got no economy!

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  6. Yeah, I would just focus on the pretty flowers. No one has any idea – they are just forcing us to open for the economy, I think. I know my kids fake cough on each other. I can imagine it will be the “in” joke if they do have school in the fall. I started writing about it, but like you, it gets me frustrated so I changed pace. The way I am seeing it schools are being forced to open here, or they will lose government funding. And I can’t even imagine being a teacher these days and being forced into that situation. Ugh. Frustrating.

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  7. Yes, rant and vent. We have no say other than that. Health experts disagree. The narrative seems to change daily for us in the USA (which doesn’t seem so united anymore), and we have racial riots going on (totally not social distancing). We live about an hour from any beach in Florida and like you, I can only focus on that rose and breathe. All else seems lunacy. ❤️🦋🌀🌹


  8. I’d stick with the roses, too. One thing I “get” that our gov’t wants to do that I don’t find realistic is having little kids wear PPE all day at school. I get the logic, I get the intentions, but let’s be real, folks–no kindergartner is going to keep that mask on all day. First-graders aren’t going to keep their hands to themselves. Sanitizer and hand-washing can go pretty fair, but c’mon–no kid’s going to keep that face-shield on all day every school day.

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      1. Yes, that would have been so important. Each school has a base level of needs, but then each school also has its own special set of needs considering where they are. This fall is going to be very strange, indeed, regarding which schools stay closed, which open partially, which just go all in…

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    1. This was a golden opportunity to really improve the educational environment. Each school should have been instructed to sit down with teachers,parents, kids with scientists and planners. Come up with ways to make each place safer and more conducive for learning. Solutions which would work and stick. But no….


  9. I can’t believe this, unfortunately it’s very real. When I saw these pictures of people crowding the beach yesterday on the news, I became so angry and thought: “They have their fun an others suffer from it.” … And I completely understand your rant, as well. The decisions which are made by governments all over the world are hardly understandable- 😡

    Stay safe! VVN

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  10. Is he in cahoots with Trump? They obviously take the same drugs or dance to the same tune. And I agree. The can definitely bugger off. For me it makes no difference, but for so many others, not so fortunate….the mind absolutely boggles.

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  11. Very well said! Honestly, I’m not an angry person but the last few months I’ve been getting increasingly angry, livid in fact, bubbling with rage and heartbreak and frustration. They’re no government of mine, either. Reducing 2m to 1m just to open the pubs based solely on a money grab is the last straw. I can’t even begin to rant about it now, I’m so exhausted.
    Stay safe. Or as safe as the government will allow.
    Caz xx

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  12. I saw that picture too. It’s not just the leaders who have lost the plot… the mindset of the people who voted for the idjits… here in US and there in UK people are just being so willfully stoopid!

    I was reading about the plans for schools to reopen here and they’re going to do it in phases, with remote learning still a thing. Really smart! My county is doing incredibly well during this. We’ve had less than 400 deaths total since February. In a county of millions of people. I see masks everywhere still.

    Rant away and look at the Rose’s! Then keep hiding out! Maybe people will come to their senses before it ALL goes ka-blooey.💌💌

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  13. I had a supersized class once! Because our school just couldn’t manage to recruit, we had to rearrange 6 x normal classes to make 4 x massive ones. I had 45 kids per class, not enough chairs or desks in the room so the kids had to borrow chairs from the next-door class and all squash up, complete fire hazard, nobody cared.

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  14. well, as i am late getting to the thread/post and have been disinclined to read through all the comments, i will comment as if i am one of the first to do so and damn the torpedoes…lmao..ok…well, 1. not sure if your government is a ton better than ours here in the U.S, but i’m pretty sure its at least , say, 50% better so there’s that. We just seem to have a big orange baffoon , quite illiterate, and of course – one of the wealthiest people around so – feels entitled to do and say as he pleases. 2. our cell service was wonky for several days last week and it was soon discovered that we were all forced to have the COVID app downloaded to our phone ( no choice in the matter) and for me- it actually wound up deleting 90% of my other apps in the process. I seriously do not agree with this invasion of my privacy for one, and the absence of consent. 3. however i agree with 99% of what you are saying and it’s been happening here on a much larger scale as evidenced by the fact that we now have the highest number of cases on the planet here with no end in sight. Guess that makes us #1..ha! 4. i now live in even more daily fear as the buttholes of america rant , rave, irresponsibly protest & riot , and scream about losing their rights because they refuse to wear a mask but just HAVE to get to the damn bars , restaurants and barber shops ( and if they cant -well, thats just plain “un -american” ). Not to mention our POTUS agreeing with the buttholes since their votes seem to matter most…ugh..i could go on all day..but what i really wanna know is…how tough would it be to become an ex- patriot?

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    1. It’s an awful thing to say but one of our top doctors said that as bad as England is, well at least it’s not as bad as America. It’s staggering to watch the news about America here. Germany has a good app system but theirs is voluntary and so far they have had 20m downloads. Everyone here just assumes ours won’t work….

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