A brief break in the storm.

A lack of sleep is just a pile of pants. So many of us know the feeling. For me it’s like being a walking zombie. A zombie with dodgy knees and dreadful dress sense. The last few days the zombie state has been growing. So I’ve made an effort to sleep. Earlier to bed, no distractions, calming tea. Unfortunately the fates are just against me. First night the cat escaped out of a briefly opened door at 11pm. The cat is not allowed out under Vet orders. Son would have been mortified. After much searching the cat was recaptured at just after 3am. It’s amazing how such a big, overweight cat can be so fleet of foot.

The next night I was again in bed at 11. Unfortunately that was perfectly timed with the arrival of a massive thunder storm. No sleep was possible. In the end I got up and watched the storm until 4am.

Last night again I was in bed for 11. Then an annoying knocking sound from outside. Knock, knock, knock. Like Chinese Water Torture. Eventually too much. So outside with a torch in the rain and the wind. Time and time again a potential knocking source was found and disarmed. But every time I went back inside. Knock, knock, knock. Finally after a couple of hours the culprit was found. A metal hanging basket. But now I was cold, wet and at 1.30am, most definitely not sleepy.

So let’s hope for tonight’s sleep. It will come eventually. But let’s just embrace my inner zombie and the immaculate dress sense. Where’s my pink T-shirt and green shorts…..

65 thoughts on “Break in the storm

  1. Okay… You are talking to a fellow Zombie here. And the worst thing you can do is think…I will do it this way, the soothing tea, the early turn in, the peaceful thoughts, cos that is when the anti-sleep protesters get out their little hammers my friend and they do things like tear the flashings off your roof at 3 am, or they drum away on some plastic bin lid till 6. But…at least your tried.

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  2. I often think this biz of so many hours a night is vastly overrated . But then again when you hit that zombie state it is an over rate you long for. Indeed you long for a lot of things. Mainly you long for a mallet.

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  3. Ha ha excellent – you and my Suze have the same sleeping problems – she goes to bed early, might get a couple of hours kips then awake, but the slightest sound and she is BING upright awake!

    Me, l can sleep through anything – if l have insomnia [which touch or should l say knock knock knock on metal basket] l haven’t had now for a few years or even late night owlship those would keep me awake, but when l sleep, l am asleep like the dead, never mind pink shirted and green shorted zombies 🙂

    I sleep on toilets, standing up, through heavy storms, l sleep.

    Sorry you are losing sleep though.

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  4. Cats! They can be vexing at times. I’m sorry your efforts to sleep keep getting thwarted. That zombie state is terrible. I’m glad that you’ve been trying to catch those Zzzzz’s. Keep trying, and I’ll keep praying. You’ll catch ’em. You might have to pass out to get that rest, but you’ll get some.

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  5. When I moved in the house was empty, previous people gone. They left a not about a few things but one they forgot. On the third night, I was here alone with 13 cats, just sliding under the covers when I heard the most ungodly noise and sat there thinking: “raccoons fighting? They are vicious when they get started, but no….it’s in the house…get out of bed and proceed with caution toward…the basement door….OMG it’s down there. I wasn’t afraid that it was alive, by then I’d worked out it was mechanical but I did wonder if the house was about to go up with a bang. How to evacuate with 13 cats? Open the doors and let them flee…I would still be chasing them 2 years later. In the end it stopped. Two days later I got a letter saying “We hope you weren’t too alarmed by the water softener. It’s rather noisy.” Rather? The only water softener I knew of at the time was in a bottle, called “Downy”. It used to start up at 2330 don’t ask why. After we ripped out many of the base-board heaters it quieted itself down. It’s a good job I don’t have high blood pressure. Hope you make it through 2300 tonight without drama!

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  6. Every night I strive for sleep. Eventually my body says “enough” and overrides my brain and I doze in odd places or odd times. I’ve fallen asleep with a bit of chocolate in my mouth and woken up with brown drool all over the side of my face and on my shoulder… pink shirt & green shorts are nothing compared to brown drool🤣🤣🤣💌

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  7. So sorry you’re still not sleeping. My body went the alternate route yesterday. I felt like I’d been drugged… literally could not stay awake. I don’t mind when sleeping all day is a goal but days like yesterday, where I can’t control it, scare me. I seem to be okay today… might even accomplish some of my backlogged tasks.

    I’m sending you some of my excessive sleep!!

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  8. No sarong?
    One of these days you’ll get to bed at 11am and be allowed to sleep. You’ll sleep through the night and the next morning … a new man! No more pink T-shirt, no more green shorts. Sleep is so good for us but so hard to come by sometimes x

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      1. Well today is not my ‘one day’. After lying there for over 2 hrs with lots of sleep ‘prep’ I’m still with awake. Head spinning with thoughts and can’t switch it off. Given up now. May as well make the most of the time. Hope you fair better my friend x

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  9. I have been there. Let’s see last night I settled at 9:30 because I was so exhausted from days of no sleep. Well.. Midnight hit and was still awake. Bad on my part haven drank coffee in weeks and I caved and bought an ice coffee. Will not do that again. and it didn’t taste as good as I thought it would.

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  10. I am a massive insomniac so I sympathise completely. I use Pukka night time capsules and they really help.

    I once had a pink shirt and green skirt as part of my uniform in a clothes shop, and customers used to say we looked like rhubarb. 🤣

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