In this photo the farmers field looks well kept, flat with short grass. In reality it’s like walking over a minefield. No flat bits, huge holes, long grass, thistles and presents from the farm animals. Maybe I should try taking a long distance photo of our garden. It might look semi tidy. Ha Ha Ha

Yes we currently have a well cut lawn – well if you ignore the beautiful mole hills and badger diggings. That’s also conveniently ignoring the rampant moss growing amongst the grass. The other parts of the garden are not good at all. It’s an uncoordinated mix of weeds, flowers, more weeds and vegetables. I was hoping the theory that ‘beauty can be found in the random’ might be true. Always an exception to the rule.

Apparently some vegetables in that mess
A bit of a tidy up has started…

Then looking on in amazement at Erika’s wonderful garden. Now that’s a garden. Looking at Derrick’s stunning garden. Now that’s a garden. Time to convert that amazement into action. Time to ditch the random…

I’m in planning mode. Making plans for a potential future road trip to Switzerland and Lichtenstein. Making plans for a dream trip to another continent. Now making plans for the garden. That’s a plan that I can start to implement NOW. If we are going to be garden bound, might as well make it a nice one. Under orders from Hawklad the plan will need to include a rock pool and a weed section. Well with the Yorkshire rain we won’t need to worry about refilling the pool and weeds – we have plenty of those. That’s a good start.

It’s also a good check on my life in general as well. My life has become far too cluttered. Too messy. Trying to fight on too many fronts at the same time. Not sure of what my priorities are. Just like the garden, it’s become overgrown and confusing. I then don’t seem to achieve enough. Lose sight of the path ahead. So yes a garden plan is good, a new life plan would be really good. That way I can really focus on what is special to me.

66 thoughts on “Weeds weeds weeds

  1. Your hedge is looking really good. I understand this so much. Trying to sort out my clutter too, as you already know from my post. I haven’t gotten to the dreaming part. That one is still tough for me. Once I declutter, sort, prioritize maybe then I will be in better form. Still have a fear that I will hit a wall or go backwards though. I have issues. Prioritizing should sort me out. I’ve definitely got to put in the time there.

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    1. It’s a tough one. I’m so desperately trying not to talk climbing 🙄. Maybe I (we) need to keep reminding myself that hitting a wall is not always bad. Walls can be walked round. Backwards sometimes works out good. The hedge is going to be a regular, long term commitment.

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  2. We moved into a fully landscaped property with neighbors all over us. I have to make the nice parts look nice, and kind of ignore the parts I can. It is so much work! I can relate to your problem and your quest as I would like to fix all my overlooked areas as well.

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  3. We finally got our garden into shape during lockdown. Though the lawn will revert to a muddy mess in the winter. I too am making plans. Even bought a “garden planner” journal to keep me busy while the weather is bad. Is nice to make plans but harder to actually follow through on them. Good luck with your gardening, I’m sure you’ll keep us updated.

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      1. We didn’t really get sowing seeds till April so next time I’m going to buy/collect seeds in advance. Start sowing as early as possible. And plan things better so we have a continuous supply of veg and no gaps on harvests. Also more edible flowers, and more colour in general. And more roses. We have loads of roses but you can never have too many! Plus maybe remove things that aren’t doing so well. For example, we have two plum trees and in ten years we only got two plums from one and not even a flower on the other. Waste of precious space.

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  4. That’s too lovely of you, Gary. Thanks for the mention.
    I like the comparison of your garden and your being. It truly is liberating and freeing to clear out, to bring structure into your outer world which does affect the inner world.
    But you can draw a very beautiful comparison too to the way your garden looks on the pictures. I see an abundance of life that is allowed to grow and live freely. It may look unorganized but it is just an unlimited way of sprouting freedom… I would say, it mirrors your big heart, Gary.
    Looking forward to you realizing your travel plans too 😉

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