Late last night I was watching the news channel and a government expert was being interviewed about people struggling to leave the house since lockdown was eased. We will ignore the fact that the easing has been halted and areas are starting to fall back under emergency regulations. The experts take was that it was perfectly safe for everyone to go about their normal business. People should get out, go to the park or better to a restaurant. Those struggling should be brave and get out. Those still struggling to get out should arrange to see a health professional. This Government had put in support to facilitate this.


We’ve been lucky. We might get to see a nurse this month but we’ve had to fight tooth and nail for that. Because of cutbacks son has not been seen by a Paediatrician in well over 2 years now… 6 of his 7 support services have been removed. But again we are lucky. Far too many don’t get any support at all.

It’s 3am and I heard our son call. He had gone to the bathroom and because he had gone barefoot he desperately needed to wash his feet. So just before the morning bird chorus started I was running the bath so he could ease his anxieties. He is currently not able to touch taps. Towels can only be used once before they are washed. His bedding has to be washed daily. He has to wash his hands every few minutes. He can’t even touch is own shoes and clothes with his hands. Tell me how he is supposed to be brave and just get outside. The government just has not got the slightest idea of the problems facing so many in our communities. The health professionals just don’t have the resources to cope. It’s taken a pandemic to expose the true folly of focusing cutbacks on mental health and support services. When will our leaders wake up to the reality of life for so many households in our countries.

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  1. These times must be extremely hard for both you and your son. The strength you possess fortified by the love and understanding you give is evident. Governments around the globe have lost touch with the reality that has hit many households. Bless you both.

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  2. I love how supportive you are of your son. Mine is desperate to leave the house but can’t get past the front door. The whole mantra of “be brave” ie “suck it up” just falls flat with kids like ours. “Be patient” is a better mantra.

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  3. Exactly. You said it. I can’t imagine people wanting and needing the help, to get help without fighting first for it.
    Fighting for it is wrong and god, I have had to fight in the past for help, for not to get it.

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  4. Governments are generally out of touch with reality. The powers that be have no idea – most were raised with a silver spoon and trust funds and have absolutely zero idea how the “common people” live. The dearth of good leadership all around the globe is more frightening than this pandemic.

    I greatly admire your devotion to your son and all the superhuman efforts you employ to keep him safe and well. You deserve help and supports. Unfortunately the reality is you likely won’t receive them, at least not from government agencies. I am not being negative, really. I just think of how government cutbacks will become even more brutal as the financial cost of this pandemic will be shouldered by said “common people” through taxes and cuts to social programs of every kind. It’s not a thought I can dwell on long as it is so depressing. I turn to a higher power for help and enlightenment. I hope you will get the help and support you need, but I don’t think it will come from a dubious government that has zero idea of the struggles people are facing. Praying for you and your son, Gary, and sending love and hugs xo

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      1. I think that divide was always there but this pandemic has brought it into sharp focus. You’re welcome. Take good care of you, you will need your strength, all the more these days.

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  5. I don’t know what to say I am just so appalled and sick of the lies being told. They never once thought of the consequences of wanting people terrified, of the people like Hawklad, of every vulnerable person out there, having, not just to find their way but find their way out the other end. Every new case is second wave, they allow the newspapers to scream, when these are first wave cases caused by their gross incompetence. Indoor gatherings with family are banned in some areas but hey go stand in a pub with complete strangers because it’s safe. It is safe cos this spreads amongst families…. well no shit Sherlock, most diseases do. A chimp could have told them that. What’s the real risk assessment on that? Are these new cases cos there’s more testing? How bad are these cases? These are things we all want answers to as they stand wittering on about how this and that is in place. Lying through their teeth. As you well know yourself..where is the support for someone like your boy and you?

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      1. The lies are hellish. And the press dutifully regurgitate them for want of nothing better to do. The entire thing beggars belief. You keep your chin up. I know you will do nothing less than look after what is yours x.

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  6. I deel for you Gary. So much. And for son too. It is a living nightmare for him. And you must be utterly exhausted.

    I think that the attitude displayed on that orogramne was disgustin. So cruel. Yes, totally out of touch with reality, and real, lived life. This is ALWAYS the problem. Ket them try living your life. And the lives of many others too. It really is the survival of the fittest out there, and it is disgusting. Hugs and more hugs Gary xxxx

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  7. Poor Hawklad😢💔 I have felt the constant fear, but nearly as bad as he has it. And he keeps fighting on! He really IS so brave! And you… so supportive! Always ready to do whatever you can to make it easier for him. Barely making it through the days yourself.

    We don’t have to catch the stupid Kootie to feel its effects. It’s rippling out and hurting everyone except the Idjits who are supposed to be in charge. Soulless, narcissistic, 🤬🤬🤬🤬

    Big hugs for you and Hawklad The Brave!🤗🥰💌💌

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  8. Hmm… well… that’s hard.

    How do you plan to get him to pediatrician? I don’t even think bribery would work??

    You might have to start doing tiny baby steps? Just little ones… like in what about Bob … baby step it to the door, one day… baby step outside.

    Life is risk… everything about life is risk.

    He is going to have to trust that you are going to do everything possible to keep him safe. He is still alive at this point lol…

    Just go slow… I would say baby steps until the day of the appointment. Life is still happening – and dr’s visits are important. You may want to inform the doctors office so they know to react slowly with him and not freak him out

    And as far as the politicians 🤨 … are you still listening to them??? I have deaf ears now… they are all a bunch of morons who have no idea what to do!!!

    Every time Trump speaks – I cringe!!

    Oh you may not want to watch the news with your boy around? Don’t let him watch that stuff – that only makes it worse. The news has no idea either and those stories just spike the fear

    Don’t focus on the virus or talk much about it… baby steps ✌️ good luck, don’t stress – you got this

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      1. What is difference with US system? I have a friend with a child who has autism and is in a wheelchair – I believe they provide for her child free through the state – he is severe – won’t live on his own ever. I will have to ask her

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      2. Oh no no!!! Do not do that – we hate that… is all money driven!!!! Do not do that!!!!

        Then many are without insurance and then you get penalized for not having insurance and insurance is a monopoly and expensive … and then the drug companies come into play and doctors will recommend them because they are paid

        Do not do it… we want and fight for what you have!! We want like Canada!!

        Don’t let money become your healthcare!!!

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      3. It’s bad – all bad. Fricken money 🤨 “greed” – the world is supposed to fricken change now… hello corona / fix the shit / wake these assholes up!!

        The leaders do not listen or know how to do anything. A cluster f*ck of incompetence!!

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