Maybe too many days we feel hemmed in. Surrounded by the same walls. Dealing with unyielding constraints. Fighting seemingly never ending battles. Difficulty trying to believe in dreams. Struggling to breathe.

Well that’s certainly me…..

The days of climbing rock faces in Scotland and the Lake District. Walking and running along wind swept beaches. Standing under the mighty Eiger and Matterhorn. Walking and touching history. These all sometimes seem such a distant memory. Things which might never happen again.

But there is always hope. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Yes it could be those four walls again but it could just be somewhere else. Somewhere we can breathe. A chance to spread our wings and soar again. That’s a lovely feeling. So I dived into my photo library and randomly picked a journey. A time when the wings were unfolded. Yes that is in the past BUT it could also be tomorrow.

36 thoughts on “Time to breathe

  1. Yes, there is always hope. I think those hopes are going to keep rising. I know that I am in a revival season. It doesn’t feel like I am reviving some days because there are good days and then some tougher days. But I am getting there. We’ll get there. We are not losing ground or time. We are on track. I’m thinking of a poem I wrote for a friend about that isolation. It’s called “Soar.” I should find it. It may make an appearance on my blog one of these days.

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  2. Amazing photos … don’t be discouraged with the 4 walls… nothing lasts forever

    And you should keep dreaming!!! I have dreams I don’t give up on… I believe in them and I want them… so I keep them.

    You should do some California dreaming! Come see the golden state… I can show you Northern and then you can go see Leendalld down in Southern / you get the whole enchilada lol

    I have San Francisco- which is amazing!! I can excitedly tell you all about it lol – with history lol

    And Lake Tahoe … same thing with the excitement, lol – I can show you the trails and how that place can make you seem so tiny in the world!! It’s incredible… there are beaches and blue beautiful water… or there are casinos if you like that…

    Reno, Nevada is right by Lake Tahoe … oh and then Carson City Nevada and Virginia City, Nevada – I could take you back in time!!! Those places are literally like stepping back in time… Mark Twain was there too!!

    I have the Sierra Nevada Mountain range right here at my door!

    My big city has a area that is amazing – Old Sac (Sacramento) but Old Sac is way better than the rest of Sacramento – the rest is just a boring regular city. But Old Sac is like stepping back in time… is amazing! I don’t know if you like trains or anything but Sacramento has a HUGE train museum which is incredible – we were once obsessed with Thomas lol ✌️😘 but it is incredible – “California State Railroad Museum” So amazing!!

    I also have Santa Cruz, which your son would love!! There are rides and an arcade, they make salt water taffy right before your eyes!!

    I also have Monterey – which is gorgeous!!

    I am also in Wine Country if you like that… Napa is not too far from me either! The road I kinda live off of is a wine trail… has winery’s and brewery’s – this area is wine country area

    And Leendalld has Hollywood, Los Angeles and Long Beach, San Diego is maybe 2 hours from her?

    She has Disney and awesome beaches and decent weather in winter. She has some pretty amazing things down there too! I love Huntington Beach – it’s beautiful and everyone is soooooooooo incredibly laid back – oh it will melt away any stress – you may never want to leave lol

    Alright – so you dreamin yet? Lol … nothing wrong with dreaming! Let you imagination run wild with dreams – cause ya never know when one will happen. ✌️ big or small

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      1. So then we should dream of that for after corona! Lol that would be fun! And a way to celebrate getting through all this corona crap and surviving lol – to travel again!!

        Plus you wouldn’t have to worry about hotel!! Which saves ALOT, and you know a local – way better visiting a foreign country when you already know a local!! Be protected and get the low down lol

        You would REALLY love California …

        Winter is cold (but again I say that after I am spoiled by California weather) our lows in winter can dance around that freezing point of 32 degrees sometimes – and it rains alot!! “Usually”

        Spring is incredible!! Just gorgeous and if you want snow – Tahoe can have snow sometimes through June!! 😮 – if I want that I can drive to it.

        Summer would probably kill you when we go over 100 lol … I want you to like California lol – not go home and say I cooked you lol … plus we get fires in summer. Sometimes lose power lol

        Fall is ok… I would say spring is best in my opinion.

        San Fran is always chilly – and foggy a lot … in summer rarely do they get massively hot.

        We also have all the gold rush towns and historical areas which are really cool!! You can even pan for gold!! It’s an experience!! Really cool

        You would love it! We will keep that dream for now- that would be fun!!

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