It’s a hard life on the pet sofa. Nonstop action.

So while the pets were unusually becalmed and Hawklad was watching a Sherlock Holmes movie, I could focus on a pressing matter. Seeing what bargains I could find on the internet. Replacements for items which are starting to fall to bits. Actually that could include me.

As usual the items on my list where either unavailable or at full price (or beyond). But I did come across a range on interesting bargains.

  • A rather battered old pink Campervan. The description referred to well looked after, well loved, filled with character. I didn’t references to words like knackered, dented, rusted or broken. Clearly if it was true that the badly battered vehicle had in fact had only one careful owner well that owner must have been NASA.
  • A collection of novelty LPs which included masterpieces from the likes of The Crankies, Baron Knights, Showaddywaddy, Mud and Vanilla Ice. Shame I don’t have a record player……
  • A chessboard with some of the pieces missing. Suppose that contributes to quicker games.
  • The entire James Bond DVD collection. One dvd is missing and several are scratched. They also won’t work in the UK and Europe. But apart from that….
  • A Bullworker. Remember those. Those exercise devices which apparently if you used it for 10 minutes a day for a month you would end up looking like Thor or The Terminator. I might need to use that for several years……
  • A Batman lego set which would cost more than my car….
  • A Genuine Boomerang. Wow you must be able to get fake ones.
  • A box of VHS tapes. Maybe I can sell the bag loads of those cassettes we have filling up the garage.
  • A set of glowing hula hoops. Surely that would represent an essential purchase.
  • A Boris Johnson punch bag. So so tempted.
  • A giant bag of jigsaw pieces, several sets mixed together – no guarantee that all sets are complete. Trying to get my head round that one.
  • A pantomime horse costume for two adults. Apparently with some wear and tear. The mind boggles.
  • A set of 30 Xbox games. Ranging from motor racing to Star Wars.

Most admit the Xbox games pack was tempting. One problem. We would never use them. Son is a creature of habit. On his Xbox 360 he only ever played two games FIFA (football) and WWE (wrestling). When I saved up to upgrade it to an Xbox One, guess what. He’s only ever played two games on it. FIFA and WWE. Maybe Microsoft can next time just do us a special cutdown version of the Xbox Two. We only need it to play two games. Surely they can do us a cheap version rare edition. That might be worth something on eBay.

73 thoughts on “Nonstop

  1. I used to have a Barron Knights single. I probably still have it somewhere.

    And I do remember the Bullworker. One fell into my hands back when I was a teenager, not, I hasten to add, that I wanted one or had ever expressed an interest. I almost used it once.

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  2. Can’t say I’ve ever visited the Ebay website. I think Aotearoa New Zealand is one of the few nations where Ebay has failed to gain traction. That market is almost the exclusive domain of our locally grown Trade Me. It too has its share of wild and wacky items for sale or auction.

    I went through a phase of collecting novelty tracks when I was younger, but over the years most of them have disappeared. I still have two Barron Knights albums on cassette tapes, but my last working cassette player died more than a decade ago.

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  3. Smiling and laughing… the exercise gizmo really got me. I’ve fallen for those things. I would have to use it for several millenia… 😁 But in reality it gets used for maybe a week then it gets shoved under the bed. 😂

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      1. I have no idea what that means. Probably just dust bunnies and cat gack under there. 😕 I’m afraid that would fall under the terrible poetry category.

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      2. Obtuse? I had to look that word up. That doesn’t sound like a nice thing to call yourself. 😕 I don’t think you’re obtuse. Are you okay?


      3. No. 😕 I’m having another off day. A few tears, but at least I’m not having any major crying fits. Thinking about watching some videos. That will help.

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  4. The puzzles……………………….. now, we actually did that, but at least kept them separate. We didn’t have the boxes anymore, so put the pieces in a bag with a label WASJIG, OLD WOMAN IN CAR, WASJIG RIVER BOAT, and one that I was really upset about was a shaped puzzle of snow leopards which a friend’s dog had nestled in under the bed before we could frame it.

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      1. Yeah… ruly, the best bit when we moved here was this woman I know gave me some antique hookah she’d got way back, great big thing, worth a bit. Anyway, I left it in the car with a few other things she also gave me–I’m famed for doing up old bits and pieces–that I didn’t want, taking in this nice chair that I did. I asked the Mr the next day to take the stuff to the dump with the exception of the hookah. The instruction was hard to follow. it was the last I saw of it.

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  5. The BoJo bag would be excellent! You can find the wildest things on Ebay. My daughters lucked out one year and found a pair of Converse sandals that I love but they discontinued… my size even.
    Cap’n and Zeus seem to be the same… two speeds, utter chaos or snoring.😂💌

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      1. Yep! Me too… I stuck is “sluggin along” mode. I short out every once in a while (warantee expired a LONG time ago) but someone gives me a kick or a nudge and I start back up and keep on sluggin🤣🤣🤣🤣💌

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  6. I have no idea what a Bullworker is lol… never heard of it. I DO remember the “thigh master” lol

    My oldest once wanted this crazy LEGO set that you could make a real working robot 😮 he asked for that one Christmas… so he got that and underwear lol – LEGO Mindstorms I believe – it was cool though … but damn they expensive!

    That punching bag sounds pretty awesome to me – worth while purchase – do they have a Trump one too? Lol

    On the Xbox you might have to wait for a “plug and play” for that lol (a smaller version of gaming that plugs into tv – not usually as amazing lol)

    And ahhh a dogs life lol 😄❤️✌️

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