Ok I know I go on about Switzerland. How I think it’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to. But I need to set the record straight. In my eyes we are so lucky to live in a world with so many wonderful places. Every country, every region will have at least one place. One special place. I’ve been so lucky to actually visit many of those places in Yorkshire, England, Scotland, Wales, France, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Congo, South Africa and yes Switzerland.

Yes today Yorkshire is separate from England – must be time for the next King Richard III to take us out of the place which has became the play thing for the Madness of King Boris.

If I can’t physically visit places then I can see the beauty through virtual trips.

Yes we live in a world which can still be beautiful. It can still be a wonderful life. Surely it’s time for us to not to always focus on all the ugliness which fills the news these days. Time to focus on the beauty. Time to delete the #itsanuglyworld and get behind something like #itsabeautifulplanet. Time for us to promote those special places. To give others a glimpse of what is truly out there.

So I will give you my first offering. I give you Northumberland.

74 thoughts on “#itsabeautifulplanet

      1. I dont usually go in summer anyway. I dont like when all the tourists are there. I lived down there many many years ago. It’s got a very “hippy” vibe which suits me. It’s changed a little, but doesnt everything?!

        I hope you’re asleep then, but if not, sunset is about an hour away

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  1. We can each enjoy our Northumberland (Mine in Ontario, Canada). It’s not when I’ve been away but it’s when I have someone visiting from afar that I realize the absolute beauty of the area that I live. It another version of “stop and smell the daisies”.

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  2. Gorgeous! Would love to be able to see it in person, but this is better than not seeing it at all. Yes, nature has not stopped because the politicians have chosen to stop the economy and many of our freedoms. God’s creation continues to be as beautiful as ever. Thanks for sharing the photos.

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  3. I commend you on your first choice! And your stunning photos. I adore Northumberland – in fact I’m hoping to move up there in a couple of years. We were supposed to be going on a 2-week holiday to my favourite northern county in July but of course that got cancelled, so I can’t wait to go back next year now. It really is that beautiful, and there’s so much to see and do – it’s just dripping in castles and medieval history. Fabulous choice! 🙂

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      1. I’ve always wanted to go there, but have only ever driven through on the way to Scotland. I must stop one day and maybe do some painting. I wonder, can people still visit Lindesfarne?

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  4. Wow on many things!! Was not aware you are Mr World Traveler lol… you have been many places – no wonder you feel closed in.

    And yes, maybe is a moment to appreciate what sits right before you

    Where is this Northunderland? Is that where you live? That is beautiful!

    I have travelled all over the U.S. but that’s it (it’s huge though with many things to keep you busy for a lifetime!)… once I left and did that cruise to the Caribbean that ONE time lol

    I have just never seen other countries really. I’m not sure who likes Americans and who doesn’t lol…

    Very beautiful!

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      1. We get flooding too sometimes in winter. We have a huge dam … that helps some, but we still have some if is a really rainy winter.

        Not sure how this winter will be… if is rainy – all those burnt areas gonna be bad if a lot of rain… but if we do not get alot of rain that is bad too… cause means our next fire season next year will be really bad again!!

        Ahhh the cycle of life lol 🙄 … I just need a tropical island lol 😄✌️

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      2. Well, it’s way better than fires 🔥

        Hopefully people aren’t in danger with the floods 😮

        If I jump on the bandwagon, I could say “global warming” which is melting the Arctic ice glaciers and adding more water to the earth. Probably why your flooding is more often?

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      3. I bet!! No wonder the flooding is going on year round! 😮

        Although sometimes I like that sound and I like the rain… I like to feel the rain

        Not all the time lol… but that can be fun to play in… you could make little toy boats and see which goes faster or something like that?

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