It might look like War of the Worlds has come to Yorkshire. But it’s only an illusion. A few hours later the Martians had clearly had enough of the weather and gone back home. Definitely taking the red weed with them.

That’s an important thing to remember for me. Sometimes I get caught up in the moment. Don’t think things through properly. Misread people. See a situation one way. But after a while, when I take the time to revisit again – I clearly misinterpreted things. It’s always good to have those moments of clarity. It helps me chart the right course. Avoid the rocks. Avoid the Martian heat rays…..

67 thoughts on “Red

  1. That sky is breathtaking. It is not a bad thing to get caught in the moment… it only depends, right? I know what you mean with being caught in a moment like not thinking out of the box. Basically, we are too little in the moment and rather are ahead or behind with our minds.

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      1. had to put the convector on for a wee while. Was no putting the heating on, that would be right. But truly my raynauds has been so bad today even to type a word has bene like shoving pins in to my fingers with every keystroke. It must be really cold.

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  2. Twice in Orkney I was taken aback by the strange sky. Once it was the beauty of the strangest pale pink morning that made even the grass pink, the loch pink, the washing on the line pink… The other time was when the Sun was sooooo HUGE on the evening horizon, that I thought my name had changed to Chicken Lickin and that “The sky is falling!” I had to park the car at the side of the road, to let my brain calm down.

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      1. I’m still 12 and 35 and the age I’m supposed to be all rolled into one. I just have a few more established tastes than when I was 12 and won’t eat the flesh of other sentient beings made to look like food. Love all music apart from Jazz. Oh and other stuff I’ve aquired to like or lothe over the years.


  3. WOW!!! That is a stunning sunset!! I’m feeling some envy, gotta be honest.

    It’s okay to get caught in a moment, but if we STAY in that moment and build on it, then we miss the next moment and the next… If we assume someone meant bad, we carry anger or hurt, forward and possibly miss their kindness.
    You are a very wise muppet, Gary Kermit Superdad!!💌💌

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  4. Amazing photo! I like your insights as well. I have had those situations I look back on and realize I misinterpreted. Good advice on avoiding the martian heat rays. I shall try to remember that…😊

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  5. I’ve been thinking about people mis-reading each other. Someone who got mad at me (I don’t recall why but do recall it was a misunderstanding) and disappeared years ago suddenly contacted me. She wanted to be buds again. I returned her email with a simple “how are you; what’s your life like these days?” and she never replied. Idon’t get it!!! I’d guess she was drunk but the initial connection took several days. I don’t know!!

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      1. I have never seen the sky red like that 😮😮 ever!

        I have seen brilliant sunsets – pink, orange, yellow… but never red like that!! 😮 wow!! That is so cool! That must be so beautiful and incredible in person

        You are probably used to it and not a big deal but I have never seen that! 😮

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