Wonder what these cows are thinking?

Hawklad has always loved listening and making stories up. One particular story line has been a common theme. We call it the Mr Mole Stories. It’s a world we’re talking animals live alongside humans. The story started back when Hawklad was a toddler. He was not the greatest of travellers and when he looked out of a moving train window – it was asking for trouble. It came to a head one particularly train journey. In a full carriage Hawklad decided to be sick. I took the full impact. Amazingly everywhere else was spared. I remember my walk of shame up the length of the crammed carriage to our suitcases. A now very distinctively marked black T-shirt needed changing urgently and wow did it stand out.

We needed a plan B as we soon had a long train journey from Geneva to Bern to navigate.

A plan was hatched. I would distract Hawklad with a story. A random story was told. A taking mole was walking down a street. He would happily talk to the various humans he would bump into. Problem was that Mr Mole had a spectacular sneeze. Tornado Force Sneeze. So when he did sneeze things happened. Clothes would be blown off washing lines. Cakes would fly through the air and hit people in the face. Umbrellas would take to the air. The poor postman even lost his trousers. Hawklad loved it – he nearly wet himself with giggles. For two hours Mr Moles sneezes caused increasing levels of mayhem. The Mr Mole Stories were born.

Since then the stories have moved on from sneezing to a self contained world filled with various weird animal characters. Over time the stories became increasingly Hawklads. He would help frame and tell the tales. Over the last 10 years I dread to think how many stories have been made. Hawklad can remember virtually all of them.

Last night was no different. A wild tale was told. Mr Mole with his friends Mr Cheetah and Olive the Ostrich we’re trying to explain wrestling to the legendary Mr Crocodile. A very special Crocodile. A vegetarian. He is scared of water. Actually scared of most things. A crocodile who finds most things confusing. A crocodile who does not always comply with the general laws of space, time and physics. A couple of actual wrestlers had been enrolled to help. Sasha Banks and The Undertaker.

Then the thought hit. We live in a world of over 7 billion people. With almost incalculable numbers of other living creatures. At that particular time. With such a bizarre story. Almost certainly we were the only 2 living creatures in the planet telling a story about talking mole, a mad crocodile and wrestling. Maybe the only 2 living creatures thinking those thoughts in the entire Universe.

That is such a cool thought. It really is.

65 thoughts on “A thought

  1. It always amazes me that with billions of people in the world, we are each of use unique, in appearance, thoughts and imagination. You should encourage Hawklad to write his stories down! 💕

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  2. I love how you have these stories, and you have kept them going. It helps with this chaotic life. My son was never a traveler, always would say over and over, are we there yet? My daughter could sit for hours and look out at everything. Yes, many questions, but that always we’re welcomed.

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  3. It is a very cool thought, and a truth. We are all unique and individual with our own experiences and ways of looking at life and the world. Mr. Mole stories sound delightful and I bet many children would love them Perhaps a career as an author is in Hawklad’s future? Who knows? Anyway I was delighted with your rendition of the mad crocodile and a sneezing mole – fantastic stuff. Such brilliant imaginations you both have. That should be celebrated always. Thanks for lifting my spirit once again.

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  4. A cool thought, indeed! I hope you record a story or three for posterity, either written or audio recorded. When I was young, we had a baby sitter we loved who would entertain my brothers and me with made-up stories that we recorded with cassette tapes. I so wish I still had one today.

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  5. You need to write those down in books!! Totally!! Not even kidding …

    Those would be amazing children’s books!!! Have you ever thought to do that?? You really should

    They sound amazing, you should do that!! You could work from home, do that on the side – get published – and take residual income! Not to mention you be a published author and kids/parents would love your stories!!

    How’s your art work? Lol … and if not you… what about hawklad? How is his drawing – imagine if you take your stories and he does the art work with his imagination – that would be incredible!!

    Can hurt to try… I do think your stories would make perfect children’s books!!!

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      1. See!!! If you spark him like that … it will spark others … you really should try and see what happens!!

        Share that!! I really bet it would take off!! There is magic with that – see you saw it!!

        I hope you try that – I think would be amazing!! And impressive!

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      2. Well I think they would be really good… you captured his attention with them – and made him laugh … and some random little girl too…

        I think you got magic there – I would aim at it!

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      1. Put it together. Add pictures if you’d like. The. Only thing the mice edit for is spelling (they won’t touch the Yorkie or the text) Email it to me at cat9984@ymail.com. it will run immediately (as long as it doesn’t interfers with Cat Forum. 🐱🐱 Thanks!


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