I admired this beautiful plant. Admired it as I was sat on the bench. I was actually sat on the bench to inspect my injuries. A rather too enthusiastic attempt to score a garden goal ended up with my head first in the hedge. A few cuts and scrapes but the flower took my mind off the pain. Can’t believe after all the damage, I didn’t score the goal. This was all done to the backdrop of Hawklad laughing his socks off.

Dad do you want help getting out of the hedge. Are you ok?”

Hawklad concern is better when your not wetting yourself with laughter.

It was like an albatross with too much in its belly trying to get into the air. Little legs struggling to pick up enough speed to take off. And failing spectacularly. That was too funny Dad”.

Hawklad that was a cracking goal

You missed Dad. It was all for nothing.”

Oh man. I thought I had hit the target.

You certainly hit the hedge, unfortunately the ball was less accurate. Actually it was very similar to your head. It ended up buried in the hedge. Shall I help you out Dad.

No I’m doing that by myself now.

Dad you’ve left a big hole in the hedge. Maybe it’s your new art. Body dents in the natural world.”

I could tour the world hurling myself head first into different world landmarks.

It’s a big hole you have left. Looks like a hippo has crashed through.”

Hawklad are you saying I’m as big as a hippo……

“Of course not Dad. That would be unfair on Hippos.”

Now you mention it, that is a big indent. Did I really make that.

Yep. Being a responsible parent weren’t you Dad. It’s a good job I moved out of the way as you would have hit me.”

Responsible parenting goes out of the window when your son is taller than his Dad. Look at the bruises on my shins from your kicks. All the world great footballers have to endure the dastardly attempts to stop their artistry.

“I’m only defending myself from a charging hippo. Funny I’m not seeing Messi or Neymar playing in my garden. It’s more like Gloria from Madagascar. ”

Absolutely no appreciation from my so called son.

That’s right Gloria. Now go and fetch the ball from the hedge….”

I will after Gloria sits down and inspects her injuries. Oh… Look at that flower.

50 thoughts on “Missed goal

  1. πŸ˜„ I laugh at the great dialogue but as a fellow Gloria that has made many a dent in the hedges, I sympathize.Thank the Lord there’s beautiful flowers. πŸ™‚

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  2. Are you trying to find more creative ways of hurting yourself than me? πŸ˜‰ It seems that one or the other of us is always falling or crashing into something. πŸ˜‚
    That is a beautiful flower. My app can’t decide what it is. Is it a Fragrant orchid… or is it a Sainfoin or is it a Garden Snapdragon?
    Have Mr Smartypants do some research and you can let me know. It can be his Science schoolworkπŸ˜‰

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      1. I went to my Plantnet app and told it I wanted Western Europe and sent it a photo of that flower and best I can work out it could be a marsh orchid or “short spurred fragrant orchidaceae” aka gymnadenia odoritissima!!!! So there. But don’t take my word for it.

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