Sometimes you need help. Help with routine stuff. Something like Broadband. So Saturday brought a broken service. Our broadband doesn’t like rain. Certainly doesn’t like 14 hours of solid rain.

No service, no internet on an afternoon is not going to cut the mustard with a teenager. So it’s time to make the dreaded call to the BT helpline. One hour later I finally speak to a human who then decides to play me some more annoying music. Another hour later I’m handed to a service engineer. Having explained the situation in some detail to the expert he agreed to look at his system. After 20 minutes of much tutting the expert told me that the service was ‘not optimal‘. When I told him it was in fact ‘not working’ I never did get to hear his response. Rather an automated voice kicked in to inform me that the department was now closed and would reopen again at 8am on Monday. Dont you just love service…..

So we have resorted to my very patchy mobile signal as our broadband option. It kinda reminds me of what it was like a few years back with dialup internet. How did we survive.

62 thoughts on “Help

  1. I can only think that their response sounds so “English” to me. And I’m not being rude writing that. I have a few blogging friends in the UK and responses like this to a frustrated person is to me, amusing. I had one woman on a Medicare Help line tell me I was being rude and hung up when I asked for another person to speak to. At least they spoke English. My hardest time besides listening to awful music is heavy accents or fast talking never let you get a word in tune who just say their spiel without really helping. Good luck!🤗☺️

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  2. My internet access went down for a while this afternoon. I wondered whether it was the rain. A couple of reboots and it was working again, although I’m not sure whether that was what cured it.

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  3. Ben gets very upset when our internet goes down… VERY upset. There’s always the cell phone for backup.

    Dial up…🤣🤣🤣

    Remember the days when we played games and used our imagination?? No electronics gizmos.
    DANG!! I’m doing that old person thing of “back in my day…” HELP! 😲🤪🙊


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  4. Oh my gosh, I feel your pain. We just had this happen the last time we lost power for four days. I can occupy my time with reading, but everyone else, Declan especially had such a hard time being disconnected. Hope they are able to restore your balance soon!

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  5. Jesus! What kind of “service” is that? I’ve never heard of that happening before? I remember working in a call center, and if you got a call at that last minute, you still had to take it AND talk to them. You couldn’t just hang up!

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  6. My dialup days go all the way back to Hayes external modem… 300 Baud external modems. Millennials don’t know the meaning of s-l-o-w. 😄🤣

    Hope your service is repaired and restored soon – the technical and human kind. 🤞👍

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