After 36 hours the rain finally stopped. How long before the broadband dries out enough to start working again? My poor mobile and it’s dodgy 4G signal are having to try and take up the strain. It’s struggling.

Strain is a quite a good word for the day.

I was trying to do my Sunday morning yoga. My online yoga expert Adriene is always very calm but even she sounds strained when she keeps freezing due to signal problems. Yoga is definitely not without stress when I keep having to try and reload the app as it’s crashed. It’s also a strain when you try to keep balanced when a dog is trying to lick my face and the big boy cat is trying to use the yoga mat as a scratching toy. Yoga is supposed to be a good fit with life. It does feel that way. Today trying to hold a position which is supposed to be good for me. Actually the longer it goes on it feels less good and more a strain.

Strain….. Trying to be ahead of the curve and get Hawklads Christmas presents sorted early. This year will not allow me the fun of Christmas shopping in the local city so its online only. I worked hard to come up with 6 ideas. Unfortunately 5 of those are already out of stock. Maybe others are further ahead of the curve than I am … Shopping strain.

Strain…..Not being able to find my bank card to pay for the one Christmas item… Bank card strain.

Strain….. Finally finding the bank card but then nit being able to find my glasses to read card numbers… Eye Strain.

Strain….. That’s now three weeks without any feedback on work Hawklad has submitted. Is it even been looked at?

Dad what we should do is for one subject not submit any work, rather we should send them a few screenshots of FIFA20. See what happens!!!!”

I’m so tempted to let him go ahead with his experiment. Maybe this week. It’s frustrating as it does look like it’s school at home for at least the next 3 months. Clearly unless the school is forced to shut and go full online tuition then things aren’t going to improve. This is it. It’s something but far from perfect. Will keep pushing school but I have a sinking feeling…. School strain.

Strain….. Trying to clean the kitchen and bathroom floors……. Knee strain.

Strain….. Trying to wash the house windows…….. Elbow strain.

Finally the thought of trying to get these words uploaded via the mobile. Not being able to easily read the posts I want to read. WP strain.

So yes definitely Sunday Strains.

65 thoughts on “Strain

  1. Those are definitely a lot of strains. I had always thought Catelyn would be a good field hockey player, but this weekend after watching random field hockey practices behind Catelyn’s soccer game, all I felt was my own *back strain.* I am sorry about your Sunday strains! Here’s hoping for a better week ahead for all of us!

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  2. Trying to get 12M amazon boxes broken down for recycling, junk organized, pet crate and trap washed and put away, laundry washed and dried… all while it’s 80+ again = mental and back strain.

    I say we all go back to bed till 2021!!

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  3. Rough day… Sending BIG HUGS!!🤗🥰💌💌💌 The rain stopped… the strains will ease too… some of them, anyway. Sending more HUGS, cuz sometimes hugs say more than words can, and they help more too!💌💌💌💌💌💌

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  4. I had a lengthy comment typed about how I could relate, and a personal experience, but WordPress decided to eat my comment. I’m too tired to type it again, but it ended with a quote from … oh f*** … never mind. Suffice it to say that my heart is with you … HUGS xxx

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      1. The garden came … mostly sunflowers … I do have pics for you! And now, the garden is in the death throes of shortened sunlight hours … the sunflowers are bending nearly to the ground. Ah well, spring will return before we know it, yes?

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      1. Oh yeah. Honest that was a nightmare. Such a stupid thing really. The guys , one of whom had delivered the new freezer was furious at the lot on Saturday. he also said he had gone to the company when the new one was delivered and booked an hour’s slot. As it was, it a ten minute job to dismantle and remove. He called them every lazy b’s under the sun and also apparently they had said when they booked it in for the other day that the house was up 4 flights of stairs. An utter lie.

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  5. I mean Adriene’s dog sits beautifully and watches her pull those yoga moves. Some yoga training for your dog perhaps? Sorry to hear you are under strain Gary. Rough weekend all round I think x

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  6. Strains strains strains…. let’s wash them down the drains… 😂 Sorry that there are so many strains draining you. Okay, I didn’t mean for that to match my little song…. It just worked out that way. Praying for you Superdad.

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      1. I am now. 😀 Actually I was smiling earlier and a bit after that too… but definitely smiling big now! Keep singing! I hope you’re smiling. 😀

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      2. Oh…. I’m on my laptop… I can’t laugh on here… unless there is some sort of emoticon trick that I don’t know about. You’ll have to imaging a laughing smiley and then a smiling smiley.

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  7. Here’s another strain…. when you’re waiting for a confirmation email. You know that if you go to do something else that confirmation email is going to come in and then it’s going to expire. That’s happened to me before… *twitch twitch twitch* <—- that’s a twitchy eye. It better not expire. I got a life to live people. 😂

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