It’s autumn and the leaves are falling. Here when they fall they undertake a kind of heroic mass migration. They migrate to our front lawn. Has to be our lawn, never any of my neighbours. These fallen ones have just started their journey heading inevitably to just below our front window. Then they like to stay put. That’s so very kind of them.

I’ve been trying to be kind to myself as well. If I’m happy then I will be a better parent. Trying to find enjoyable things to do. Maybe discover some new hobbies. One of which is learning to play the piano. Finally making use of an electronic keyboard which has been basically just gathering dust. The piano tuition app I’m using is good. Quickly I can now start to read music. I can play a rustic version of Ode To Joy. But I couldn’t understand why the piano app kept talking about one key being middle C when with my careful marking out of the keys came up with a different answer. Then the penny dropped. Can you spot the deliberate mistake in the pink scrawls……

What a muppet. Ok the app might be right…..

89 thoughts on “Kind

  1. Glad that you’re being kind to yourself and aiming for happy… like those happy leaves wandering towards their happy place. 😀 I need to work on my tune too…. What will she do? No, really, what will I do? I need some answers. Well…. for starters I will learn to be kind to myself. It’s kind of needed these days. Stay out of the rain Superdad. You are motivating, inspirational and a wonderful friend. Make some music!

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  2. Yeah…. can’t play DEFG, GFED, DEFG, DGG… with those markings! (Is my recall of Ode To Joy even close?)

    It’s suddenly fall in my backyard but with only yellow leaves it seems to be caused by heatwavs and lack of water, or the rapid cycling of heatwaves and cool days. I think some of my plants are goners.

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      1. I might see that temp a few times in a year, if we have a cold front come down from Alaska.

        One year it happened after natural gas prices had risen so much that lots of local peeps, esp apt dwellers, had to turn off their wall heaters – me included – and just use tons of blankets and clothing to stay warm. My bed was against a wall and when I rolled over, causing my arm to touch the wall, I woke up because the plaster, non-insulated, wall was so cold (probably about 42F).

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  3. Hmmm…. I bet you’d lose that bet. 😂 I never got far enough with my lessons to be mean in any way shape or form. I sort of could play Jingle Bells with lots of mistakes. 😁

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      1. You do???? Hmmm…. there’s a possibility that can be arranged. I have a video. I don’t like that video though. It’s an old one from when my niece was teaching me piano.

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  4. It *is* very kind of the leaves to gather in one place. And so close to the house for pile jumping 😉

    Yes, you must be kind to yourself! (I’m hearing this in Peppa Pig’s voice in my head🙄) You must treat yourself like a Best Friend. You’re stuck with yourself for a very long time, it’s better to be kind😉

    I can’t read music, but I don’t think the E & F key are supposed to be combined😂😂😂

    Keep on rockin in the free world, Gary Kermit Superdad!!🎶💃🏼🌠💌💌💌

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  5. I used to love getting them raked into a big pile… my dad would usually do that – and then I would just run and jump into it lol … 🍁 ahh best times ❤️

    Music takes time… congrats on that… very creative

    My dad used to play the accordion ❤️ I know it’s a nerd instrument but I love that instrument ❤️ I am half dork half nerd lol… I just don’t look that way lol

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  6. That is a beautiful sight. My inner child would love a lawn full of leaves that I could crunch under my feet. So happy for you and your search for hobbies and something that makes you happy. Good luck with the piano! Be sure to include a “concert” video for all of us in one of your future posts.

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      1. Hahaha. Well if I ever get the chance to travel the world, I’ll bring my violin that’s been collecting dust for over 15 years. We can play a duet😂. Should be interesting since I’ve forgotten how to read music.

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