So today our so called Government announced that our local city is to be moved up the pandemic risk table. It’s now a tier 2 area risk. That’s officially HIGH. As a result additional rules will apply to those living in the city. One rule is that I can’t now visit my sister at her house in York. But here’s the thing.

Under the rules I could go to work with anyone from York – no issues there. But after work finishes I would then not be allowed to go for a coffee with those same co-workers. Suddenly mixing with them becomes too risky. Well that will fool the pesky virus…..

Bizarrely I have just noticed that my next nearest sister who lives in another city 100 miles away has also been classed as living in a high risk area. So I can’t visit her as well. Well this is going well…..

65 thoughts on “Well that will stop it

  1. Jiminey Cricket on a Motorscooter!!🙄🤦🏼‍♀️ If it weren’t so deadly, I say we let the virus be in charge. It’s smarter than our so called leaders.

    So you think like a politician, I know it hurts, and visit your sisters only say they’re you workmates and you’re delivering important work stuff. See… problem solved.🙄🤦🏼‍♀️

    💌💌💌💌 more hugs!!

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  2. Awww that sucks!! I can’t visit my mom either ☹️ Been sooooooo long since I have seen her ☹️

    And this would be why families should live close by lol … mine are all over my country so I don’t get to see any of them either ☹️

    Phone – that’s our life line ❤️ sucks though – feel ya 😔

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  3. Nothing about this makes any sense. I am going back into the classroom with students next week and for the first time tonight felt real anxiety about it. What doesn’t help though, is not being able to get accurate, factual, reliable information from “the powers that be”. That’s the most unsettling part.

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  4. Know what else is classified as “high”? People’s frustration levels with this stupid pandemic. The rules just don’t make sense. So sorry you now can’t visit with your sisters 😢. Really hope all this craziness goes away soon.

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      1. Grrr. Just this afternoon I saw a video clip where doctor’s were saying it shouldn’t be classed as a pandemic and that it really is no different than the flu. It’s hard to know what to believe anymore. Personally, I’m more scared of the hatred and divisiveness among people than I am of covid.

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      1. Those numbers are actually counting for Switzerland. For some reason they include Liechtenstein into the counting but our numbers are still low compared to Switzerland. But yes, the numbers of all neighbor countries are rising!

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      2. To be honest, I am not worrying at all. I take it serious but I am not afraid. Since yesterday masks are required everywhere in official buildings now, and some companies are stricter again regarding home office. We will have to think about this too. But really, it is not a worry… as long as I know that my mother is save.

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  5. Baffling rules indeed! Sorry you can’t see your sister. My family is pretty scattered so none of us has ventured much. My parents’ case numbers where they are remain high. Our county is on the rise, too, though our little town itself remains safe at this point. But, I see further restrictions coming down the road we may not be able to escape. Sigh. Prayers to you and yours.

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  6. I’m so sorry. I live an hour from the first hot spot in the US (back when Trump was saying this was nothing, yet people were spreading the disease like wildfire and many were dying). And as such, most folks around here are doing socially responsible things. There are always a few idiots, but, ya know. Our local schools are navigating educating the kids, with a mix of mostly private schools having students back in classrooms, and public schools very gradually bringing students back – starting with the youngest ones. Because the weather’s turning and with people really wanting a return to normalcy, our infection rate is slightly up (as expected). But hopefully it will level out or even decrease again. I hope your infection rate goes down soon.

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