I put my hands up. I might poke a bit of fun at my county of birth. Well actually a lot. Yes the weather can be grim, the people can be a bit odd (me certainly included), we might be a little behind the cutting edge, probably spend too much time focusing on the past BUT….

It is a great place to live and visit. So much history, beautiful brooding landscapes, welcoming, diverse, a wonderful quirkiness and a place that has definitely left its mark on the world. So maybe every so often I should really show and tell the good about Yorkshire.

So here goes. I give you just a fraction of what Yorkshire has to offer.

86 thoughts on “Time to love Yorkshire

  1. Ooooo love it! Why was Constantine in York? I mean was he just visiting or did he stay there a while? LOVE this cliff photo. I did not know York had that. Is the last photo remnants of an ancient castle or if the Roman road? Now I want to know more. πŸ™‚

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  2. I’ve spent time in Yorkshire and it does have splendid countryside, pretty towns and it’s a great place to cycle. One of my oldest friends is moving to N Yorkshire, so I may be revisiting.

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  3. Yorkshire is brilliant. If I came back to England it’s one of the places I would love to be. It’s my kind of place, historic, rugged, scenic, bloody-minded. Yes, the weather often stinks but not always.

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  4. A dear friend has gone to Yorkshire to be with her mum, I selfishly hope she returns, but on the other hand I hope she stays safe and keeps her mum’s spirits uplifted. Nice place, not keen on the churchy stuff and hate the danger of cliffs (even though I’ve lived near them at Yesnaby). Love buttercup fields, but dislike that they scold the noses of horses. Life is such a mix of yes and no.

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  5. Wow! You have an artist’s eye, these photographs are wonderful. I would absolutely love to visit Yorkshire and Great Britain in general. Several of our ancestors hail from the U.K. It would be so lovely to see where they came from. I also need to visit Ireland and Scotland for the same reasons. Maybe a tour of Europe as well one day when I’m richer and Covid is nothing more than a bad memory Please, let that be soon!

    Thanks for sharing this beauty, I especially noted the snow LOL though I think I’d want to visit at any time of year but winter – I see enough of the snow right where I am.

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  6. But where in all conscience is the rhubarb? Is it there, like a vegan Where’s Wally and I just couldn’t spot it?
    Oh and as a dyed in the wool southerner let me admit to a sneaking regard for that sense of place you get in the Ridings. Walking across the county with my Dad was something I will treasure alongside the stories of his time in the Army training in 1944. As he said when we visited in 1992 ‘it hasn’t changed much’ and he meant it in a good way.

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      1. I do love a challenge and give me credit where credit is due, for it wasn’t easy to catch, but I actually managed to capture and keep hold of long enough to marry a Cleggy. How’s that for being champion then?

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  7. Yorkshire independence, aye or naw? I reckon if charged an extortionate amount to export Yorkshire tea and Yorkshire puddings you’d be the richest country in the world πŸ˜‚


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