As it stands Hawklad is due for his first home counselling visit in months. Sometime next week – maybe….

If the visit happens then it will be very different. We have already been warned that even though the visit is outside or in separate cars then extra precautions have to be introduced. The nurse will have to wear gloves and a full face mask at all times.

A big part of me is tempted to cancel the visit. The site of protective gear is not going to do anything for Hawklads anxieties. It might even make things worse. But here’s the problem. Under the Governments cost cutting agenda, a cancelled visit can lead to the service being removed. So the accepted term is prioritised.

Going to have to think about this.

54 thoughts on “Well that’s going to be fun

  1. The ground for terminating service. Reminds me of insurance company. At a certain point in my recovery the insurance decided that I no longer needed an occupational therapist. They did a quasi-whatever 2 hour assessment and promptly cancelled my services for OT. At about the same time they had approved a significant cost for a full day assessment by a neurological psychologist that recommended additional OT service to address some of my deficits. Not surprised that they accepted the 2 hour quasi-assessment. After that I paid out of pocket for a half year till the OT discharged me. When the insurance shut down my account they reimbursed me for the out of pocket costs. Had I not been able to afford the cost they would have concluded that I didn’t really need the extended services. That’s insurance logic since it helps their bottom line.

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      1. The profit motive and government collusion is most obvious in our long term care facilities. Most of the deaths among seniors in long term care were those in ‘for profit’ homes. Then the government passes a bill that these long term care homes can not be held liable for cutting corners and allowing these deaths to happen. My mother is in a not-for-profit long term care home. They have had zero deaths and only 2 incidents of COVID in their facility.
        The contrast between the two types of funded homes is rather stark and telling.\
        With the second wave of the pandemic it has become clear that the government has not taken any measures to ensure the for-profit homes are better prepared. Lack of government funding for better protocols totally lacking. A travesty that could have been avoided but there is not political will.

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  2. That sounds like it could be tough for Hawklad. I hope the counselor is sensitive to Hawklad’s anxieties when she meets with him. My fingers are crossed that it ends up being a very beneficial visit!

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  3. Always something… sheesh! It’s okay for him to go to school, but not sit and talk at a distance from a medical professional?? JIMINEY CRICKET ON A MOTORSCOOTER!!🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ (we really need a “banging head on desk” emoji!)

    Do you think talking to Hawklad about it would increase his anxiety? Maybe if you present it as another stupid government decision. A rule that makes no sense. He *needs* the services. She might be able to reccomend you guys get the vaccine sooner. That might help him be less fearful of catching it.

    Jiminey Cricket… what a mess!
    Sending Huge HUGS!!!💌💌💌💌💌

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  4. Good luck. It works for me to talk about a situation coming up (dentist or doctor, usually), then mention it again the next day, then again the next -always casual and succinct. It’s taken me awhile to realize two of mine *hate* surprises to the point of anxiety.

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  5. How about you interviewing the Counsellor and explaining the effect of the mask etc on Hawklad. If she’s any good she will be able to glean much from you and understand the position in these current circumstances. Then the visit will not have been cancelled.

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  6. Yeah if you cancel then it’s “declining services” and you don’t get offered any more. That’s happened to us. Have you talked to your son about the visit? No point going ahead with it if he’s not into it, but at same time if he does feel it’s useful then he may get a lot out of it.

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  7. Would it be possible to talk about the nurses PPE with Hawklad in terms of it providing extra safety, rather than it being an indicator of disease? It might give him a way to view it positively instead of negatively? Just an idea.

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      1. Poor lad – it must be so hard at the moment for both of you. I really hope the new year brings you good healthy happy ways forward with all of this.


  8. I’m very sorry that even a long awaited visit is going to be difficult. Is there any way you can prepare Hawklad for the visit?

    Could you ask the counselor to send a picture ahead of time of her wearing the PPE so Hawklad will know ahead of time what to expect?

    Good luck with your decision and I hope you are able to make the visit work!!! 👍

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      1. Hmm. Do they have to wear the full kit if it’s separate cars? I know he’s not keen on the video call thing but would he consider it of it meant not actually having to be face to face?

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  9. Is nothing ever easy with bureaucracy?

    How sensitive is the nurse? What if you all wore masks made up like favorite movie or game characters? Just a thought. Some of the healthcare staff do it here for seriously ill or traumatized children.

    I hope it all works out for him. Wishing you both nothing but GOOD things in the new year. ❤

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