Dog really wants to walk through that. I’m not so keen. Who wins the battle of minds.

I’ve got wet feet….

So the schools are here are due to go back next Monday. The hospitals are full to busting. Infection rates are rising fast.

The Government says the situation is in hand. The scientists and doctors are pleading for more action. They want schools to stay closed and use online education for a few weeks. The Government is resisting the move to that. They might stagger the return over a week with a good portion of pupils back in 7 days. They want to test all pupils with the unreliable, quick results method in the first week. That’s the answer apparently.

So as I’m writing this most parents just don’t know what’s happening next week.

I guess it doesn’t effect our little family that much. Hawklad is not starting back next week anyway. He just can’t. Maybe more online support will be opened up. How knows. We just have to make the best of it. Go with the flow.

It’s all such a huge mess.

63 thoughts on “Who knows

  1. The best thing all nations in this world can do is stop schooling outright for awhile. It might take kids a year or two longer to graduate, but dammit, that is so much the safer route for everyone.
    I am reminded of the slogan predicted by British Science Fiction novelist John Brunner in his 1975 novel The Shockwave Rider Stop! You’re Killing Me! By sending our children to covid-infested schools, governments are killing our children, or making them sick in ways we will never know until it is too late.

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  2. Your right it’s a complete mess. I have home schooled since last February due to my daughter being bullied and with COVID, school never really came back into the equation. We ran away to France to my brothers and to rebuild something new after loss. Now due to COVID, we are pretty much lost here too. There seems to be no escape in all directions and schools are not safe either. I wonder if a complete lockdown of everything for a decent amount of time may just give the virus a kick up it’s backside and give us time to restart our lives in some way. At the moment it feels very much like a game of to and fro.

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  3. Mid-December our school district declared that next week will be a completely virtual week. I guess they assumed that families would not be following the travel restrictions for Christmas, so better to keep everyone home, out of the schools to make sure there isn’t going to be an outbreak. I wouldn’t be surprised if after next week they make the kids stay home longer. Not ideal for D (or me) at all, but whatever. I agree – it is a huge mess.

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  4. It’s very sad because I feel like the government is often acting based on political interest rather than community interest. Always trust the scientists and the data but that would be considered too pragmatic and rational!

    Good luck with sorting out the back to school transition with Hawklad.

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  5. It is indeed a mess Gary. You and Hawklad can stay safe, because you are staying home and away from everyone.
    TPTB are bleating about introducing a Tier 5 because the numbers are going up. And why might that be? BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T SHUT DOWN THE COUNTRY IMMEDIATELY AND GAVE PEOPLE TIME TO TRAVEL OUT OF THE CITIES. So some bright spark has come up with putting everywhere into Tier 4. Bloody hell: people can travel where they like then as everyone is the same and can move about within the same tier group.
    But what exactly is Tier 5? Yeah……. nobody knows.
    A mess…………….. FUBAR in fact. Keep safe my friend

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  6. Our Governor has been trying to play safe and still allow business to try to stay open. It was a fine line… and working. Then IDJITS had to party! After Halloween our numbers spiked and it keeps getting worse with Thanksgiving, Christmas… I can only imagine how bad it will be after New Year.
    Older Daughter is a nurse, working in hospital with COVID patients. People are waiting in Emergency department for open beds. Days, weeks sometimes. All of the ICU are full and they’re having to make new units…

    All this and people still DON’T GET IT! GRRRR!!!

    I’m bummed that Ben’s school is staying closed through January. An outbreak among the staff! All those autistic kids, most with extreme supping needs, and the STAFF can’t be safe?! None of Ben’s support people were affected, thank goodness, but schools, and bars should be closed until it’s safe! And IDJITS should stay home or wear a dang mask!!
    🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐sorry, Gary! I ranted again.😳💌💌💌💌💌

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  7. Sigh. If I had school-age children, I would NOT be sending them back yet! Just this morning I read that the UK had its highest daily number of new cases yesterday … there is no sensible justification for re-opening the schools at this time. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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  8. “Mess” doesn’t really seem to cover it, does it? Mayhem. Disorganized chaos (can chaos be organized, I wonder?). Hmmm verbs and adverbs fail me, really. I am glad Hawklad has chosen to duke it out with online classes. I am pretty sure if I were a parent in the U.K. right now I’d be taking a hard pass on sending my children to school. My heart goes out to all parents everywhere as they wrestle with decisions that are fraught with difficulty. My niece decided to send her daughter to school. After weighing it all out she felt her little one’s mental health also had to be considered. There are certainly no easy answers to it all. Like I said, I am glad Hawklad will not be going.

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