It’s been a little wet over the last few days. The sheep have got themselves a couple of paddling pools. We might give those a miss. I guess no one will be to upset about that.

I have a questionnaire to fill out about school and it’s services. Looking at lots of areas.

Teaching quality, subject material, classroom facilities, school meals, communication, discipline, bullying, uniform, school transport, sports facilities, IT, websites, outside clubs…..

Lots and lots of areas. So many questions.

What’s revealing is not the questions being asked but those which are not asked. Ones which are never asked. Questions about Autism and Aspergers support. Dyslexia support. Learning Disability support.

No one ever asks. It’s not just our school. It’s across the board. No one ever asks. We live in a world driven by performance measures and league tables. Yet no one ever asks….

I wonder why that is.

59 thoughts on “No one ever asks

  1. Add the lack of support for autusim under teaching quality, or add an extra paper and attach so you can write what you feel has been left out, asking questions why they have.

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  2. It is no different here. In the 1970s, having a profoundly disabled son, I served as a parent-advocate on the local school board. You’d be amazed how many educators and administrators know absolutely nothing about children with disabilities … and don’t really care to learn, for those children are considered not likely to succeed at those things people put the most emphasis on … M-O-N-E-Y. That, my friend, is what it all boils down to at the end of the day. Sigh. All I can advise is make your voice heard, don’t back down, don’t let them marginalize your son and others, or force them into convenient ‘boxes’ into which they don’t fit. Speak up, speak out, write to your local newspaper, YELL if you must. Sigh. Forgive me … my mood is black tonight and I’m tired of people falling second to profit. Hugs.

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      1. Lol.. well if you think parsnip and green pepper soup, killer cheese cheese and cream chilli in tortilla baskets, with chilli flake baked potatoes, garlic bread and Mexican rice , plus gingerbread men fresh fruit trifle is nice, then yeah , that should hopefully be okay. Happy new Year, my friend, the best to you and Hawklad.

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  3. Beloved, you realise you answered your own question, right? Q) … Why? A) We live in a world driven by performance measures and league tables. Strange, because there’s so much written and encouraged to be read about inclusiveness for wannabe teachers. Some stuff changes slow, some quick, pushing for change sometimes is an uphill battle. Can you imagine an actual battle, where you are on the side in the trough, t’other side up on the hill oblivious perhaps and then “WALLOP!” start listening you lot, we’re not the flippin’ enemy!

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    1. I was going to say exactly the same, derrickjknight, if the question asks what the weather is, turn it round to an answer about son’s Aspergers and dyslexia. The weather is cold which Hawklad struggles with because his Aspergers affects him in this way or that.
      If the question asks about his grades tell how his dyslexia holds him back from achieving his full potential UNLESS he has the right support, which is x, y, z.
      It’s a huge effort though and I don’t envy you the task. It just seems a never ending battle sometimes doesn’t it. He’s a lucky lad to have a dad like you on his side though.


  4. The whole questionnaire seems wildly off track…why not ask about the support parents, students and teachers are getting during this shit-show of a year? I don’t think people are concerned about uniforms, at the moment.

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