I was listening to the radio while I was cooking tea today. The local radio station had a local politician on talking about how good brexit was. I kept it on as it was definitely car crash stuff. He was asked why brexit was so good. It wasn’t the most convincing of answers. The answer seemed to be based on ‘Boris is funny and is the worlds best leader – ever ‘ line of thinking. Finally the politician was asked to give one thing that was better now than a year a go. After a few moments of stuttering around the line ‘Britain’s better because erm’ he plumped for ‘because we can be great again’.

Not entirely sold on that one….

But speaking on the radio is hard. Maybe he froze. So I’ve been thinking about the stuff he just forgot to mention. So here goes…

Britain is better under Johnson because….

  • We have had 75000 covid deaths so far and now adding 1000 a day to that total,
  • At a time when we should have lockdowned the government offered discount vouchers for people to go to restaurants and pubs, telling everyone that the virus fight was over and that we had a civic duty to get out and mix,
  • Allowed the countries largest horse racing festival to go ahead as the pandemic started to rage. That’s good as the man in charge of the Health Service received significant funding each year from the Horse Racing Industry.
  • Our hospitals are full to busting. The highest ever number of covid patients. Ambulances are queuing outside waiting to be admitted. That’s what happens when with a growing population, the Johnson’s party have cut hospital bed numbers by 17000 since 2010,
  • The Government found it in their hearts to finally give medical staff a very modest pay increase after years of enforcing a pay freeze. And they gave them a new badge as well. But on a more important note our PM moaned that he couldn’t afford to live on his leader salary and investments….
  • We are told that schools are safe yet the hospitals are admitting increasing numbers of children,
  • The Government for months told us that there was no need to wear face masks. That’s still the case for children in classrooms. Think of the money we have saved there….
  • Instructed police and authorities to issue fines for breaking covid rules including keeping children off school but then didn’t apply those rules when one of their own smashed the rules. Apparently he was acting like any responsible parent would do. At least we know whose back they have got.
  • More than ever there is now one rule for us and one rule for them,
  • We officially backed fake news. The Government instructed its supporters to weaponise fake news…
  • Kent has been turned into a giant lorry park,
  • A parcel which would have cost £14 to send to Europe now costs £44,
  • We now have a blue passport to use going into Europe – not needing a passport to travel across Europe was such a burden,
  • We have left Europe and immediately some of those promoting this have applied for European passports (including the PMs Dad). That’s a right which I now don’t have,
  • A border has suddenly appeared in the sea,
  • Companies will have to change all their packaging as the CE Mark will not be enough. Now the UKCA mark has to be added. Bet that’s cheap….
  • More and more government contracts are now given to friends and party supporters without due process,
  • Illegally waived planning rules for one of the governing parties biggest backers. That’s good as the government looks after the right people.
  • They have issued instructions for the country to not accept any form of workplace bullying and then backed wholeheartedly a senior cabinet minister found guilty of bullying – no action required here,
  • The Government interfered in the college exam process to give many pupils a lower mark,
  • The Government made a big play of refusing to give free school meal vouchers out to children who were likely to go hungry.

I could go on. But so many things to rejoice in after only one year of Boris Johnson being in charge. Why do I think the list will get so much longer during 2021.

69 thoughts on “I believe

  1. I actually don’t have an issue with Stanely Johnson getting a French Passport, he actively campaigned for Remain. Now Farage and Boris, I will have an issue with.

    But I do believe we have started the New Year on a lie, with the whole schools are safe, send your children in. I await the emergency announcement either tonight or tomorrow with the words, those nasty unions are making us do this,

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      1. Just saw that they have confirmed the time. I don’t think he is going to be able to say close the schools without blaming the unions now, but he can’t keep the schools open, as a large amount of them are making the decision for him

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  2. That is quite a list. I started watching Samuel Jackson’s Death to 2020 on Netflix. It really pokes fun at the idiocracy of 2020, our leaders, and their stupid choices. If you can, check it out. It makes for a good laugh.

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  3. Good post Gary. I’ve said it before, our government is going to kill us all. Latest is the shortage of vaccine according to the government, but manufacturers are saying there is plenty. Makes me think we shall soon be in a postcode lottery or ‘please pay here’ before long. I’d gladly pay to get it, but as things stand I’ll be lucky to see one this year.

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  4. It seems that the wealthy have taken control of the government, and they are determined to take all the money for themselves and leave none for the middle class or the poor. What is amazing is that they are elected by the people they swindle and care nothing about. They call money to help the middle class and poor “socialism,” but large tax cuts that increase exponentially their wealth, who can afford the best doctors and schools, are called good for the country.

    Here in America, only the rich seems to have the money to run and get elected. There has to be ways to elect the middle class, but the nastiness of elections means those who would work bipartisan keeps some from putting their families through the lies and horrid campaigning. I am amazed to read the the UK has the same craziness. But I still have hope that sanity in politics will return, if we can get people to hear the truth.

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  5. While telling us to remain at home for Christmas, that we can only travel if essential, at last count 5 elected members of the ruling party of Alberta and 3 non-elected high up government mucky-mucks took tropical vacations, some with their whole families. In Ontario the Premier fired his Minister of Finance for non-essential travel. What did our Premier of Alberta do? He accepted their apologies that they made mistakes, no further action required.
    When one of the wayward elected officials was questioned what was essential that she took her whole family to Hawaii for two weeks, she answered, with a straight face, it was important to continue traditions. She and her family have spent the last 17 Christmas seasons in Hawaii, and she was not going to let a little Covid bug interfere with that.
    And what was the governing party’s message to the citizens of Alberta? This is not a year for traditions. Spend this Christmas season at home, only with people who live in that home. Seems there is one rule for us, and no rule for them.
    It is just another arrow in a body already perforated by all the other arrows they have forced upon us after being elected by a bunch of conservative idiots who cannot see past their own little lives. Trump would be proud.
    The worst thing about these essential vacationers? Many of them recorded Christmas messages to their constituents, taped in Alberta, pretending they stayed home for the holidays. They deliberately did this to hide the fact they were away. They did not makes mistakes, they intentionally misled their constituents. They are all guilty of being above the law, and should all be fired from government.
    But they won’t be… Conservatives/Repuglygarbagecans are the same everywhere, do what we say, but let us do whatever the hell we please.

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    1. Looks like the governments own scientists called Johnson’s bluff. They raised the threat level to the highest available. Basically national emergency. So after the morning that parents should get kits into school as it’s completely safe, he has called a 8pm national broadcast potentially locking the country down.


    2. Count now up to 9, and the media is looking for more. Another pre-vacation Xmas talk found, making it look like the perpetrator was nicely snug at home in Alberta. This is becoming criminal.

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      1. Jason Kenny finally bowed to public pressure, against his own belief there was no need for retribution. The we-do-as-we-please jet-setting vacationers have been stripped of their legislative powers, or the government positions they had held (so we are told, but should we believe him?) prior to the poor decisions they each made.
        It is something, but it is still not enough. We need Kenny to admit his original decision to not repremand them was the poorest decision of all.

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  6. I just keep telling myself that these ultra-wealthy big wings and politicians lead sad lonely lives. That all that power and money grubbing will never be enough to fill the giant void inside them.
    It doesn’t help all of us regular folks, but it helps keep me from resembling a rabid dog… barking madly and foaming at the mouth.

    I’m still expecting things to get ugly(er) before January 20, when Biden swears in.

    I wouldn’t advocate violence, but you Brits have a holiday with the right spirit… November 5th. Ben has a Guy Fawkes mask, I’m sure he’ll let you borrow it😉💌💌💌

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  7. Oh my… And people are listening to him and and still going out. I would hope not. But if that many are affected, no one is heeding this as a warning. So frustrating. Stay safe. And happy you’ and your son. Are laying low. It’s and frustrating but… You know the rest. ❤️

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  8. You ‘cook tea’?? hmmmm

    More than ever there is now one rule for us and one rule for them, <—same here. No NFL games for people but when one of the state governors wanted to go, he relaxed the rules.

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  9. U.S. presidents, along with Canadian prime ministers, mostly as large corporate and power interest puppets.

    The political system essentially involves two established conservative and (neo)liberal parties more or less alternating in governance while habitually kowtowing to the interests of the very wealthy but especially big business’s crippling threats (whether implied or explicit) of a loss of jobs, capital investment and/or economic stability, etcetera.

    This of course fails to mention, amongst other things, the corporate-welfare-cheque subsidies doled out annually to already very profitable corporations and the forgiveness of huge loan debts owed to taxpayers.

    (Not helping matters is that almost all of our information is still produced and/or shared with us by concentrated corporate-owned media.)

    This corporate-political reality may be why so many low-income citizens have felt futility in voting at all, let alone waiting in a long line-up in the weather to do so.

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